Photo by Daphne Cuizon, 1998.

Photo by Daphne Cuizon, 1998.

When I launched this blog in 2008, I was living in Mount Vernon, Washington and just learning the art of blogging. The original name of the blog was Pacific NW Author but I noticed that this name was already being used by another blogger. Over time, I played around with names landing on Localore and then my most recent blog title, A Washingtonian Living in Vermont.

However, Vermont didn’t work out and I moved to Pennsylvania, the land of cheaper rent. I liked the name of the blog so I stuck with it despite my move to the Keystone State. My blog also languished for several years except when something novel or exciting was taking place in my life. I wasn’t sure if the blog was for travel, fine and performing art reviews or for metaphysical coaching. And at one point, it was a confusing blog to visit.

Sixteen years later, there are over 400 followers for this blog. And I’ve created other blogs to handle the metaphysical topics and also the literary ones. While blogging is a fun endeavor, it also involves effort as in coming up with ideas and writing engaging copy. If you have enjoyed the posts on this blog, please make a DONATION. Thank you for your generous support. Sometime that donation gets me through a day and other times a week. Sometimes that donation shows up at the same time a bill is due (such as an internet service bill).

Please note that I’m moving my literary coaching articles and stories to Belle Author, also on WordPress, and my Intuitive 101 Coaching series is moving to Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living.


Spring of 2014

YouTube: Astrologer Patricia and Patricia Herlevi channels


Also appear in “Western Washington Reflections” anthology, History Press

34 thoughts on “Moi

  1. Hi, Patricia, so delighted to find your blog! I’ll enjoy keeping tabs on it very much, I can tell. Are you living in B’ham? I’m Seattle born and bred, went to PLU and WWU (loved living in Bellingham), lived in Tacoma and taught at PLU for a number of years, and am now in Texas. Talk about a paradigm shift! But my husband and I are in a great university town again and with all the fantastic students, colleagues and inspiring peers around here, PLUS almost endless sunlight, it’s a worthwhile trade, ‘specially when we can get back to family, friends and old stomping grounds in the PNW often enough. I’ll seriously enjoy getting immersed in your regionally-inspired work! Cheers to you,

  2. I lived in Seattle for 21 years, moved to Skagit, lived there for 4 years and now I’m loving it in Bellingham. Though I would love to see more sun LOL.

    College towns make the difference anywhere. I prefer to be around thinking people who can articulate their emotions too.

    I’m editing a collection of short stories of mine that mostly take place in Washington State. I had to get back to what I know, which isn’t Paris or San Francisco (locations in my novel “Agnes et Yves”)or Manhattan (location for “All Saints Day”). However, sometimes the characters define the place of the story setting so…my mind travels more than my body.

    My grandmother lived in El Paso so I’ve been to Texas, but probably not the best part.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories of PNW.

  3. You must visit Bellingham some day. If you ever need tips of where to go and what to see, e-mail me. I’m happy to share information about this fabulous city. I just wonder why it took me so long rediscover it.

  4. I loved seeing Vertigo Bus. I was always happy if you performing at whichever club I was at because I knew there would be at least one act I would enjoy. Thanks for many great evenings.

  5. Thanks for remembering VB. Wow, Vertigo Bus, my alter ego from ages ago. I still practice some of those old songs, but I had the words translated into Spanish for two songs. Many of the songs I’ve long forgotten how to play.

  6. although i’ve only lived in the NW a little while, in my younger days, i found it a very romantic space to live…

    thanks for liking…

    hope you don’t mind me following…

    David in Maine USA

  7. Two winters ago, I pursued a dream of visiting Vancouver. I flew into Seattle and took the train north, and was enchanted by Bellingham as we approached the tunnel. I thought, “this would be a nice little town to live in.” And now, I feel ready to move west (I live in Atlanta). I will be visiting Seattle and environs for a week, right after Christmas. I plan to drive up to Bellingham also, to see if my intuition about the place is right. Please let me know what I should see or do while there. What will give me the “Bellingham experience?”

  8. Hi Clarity, the good news is that Bellingham is beautiful, friendly and a good balance of artists with nature. The bad news is jobs are scarce here outside of the service industry and those jobs are minimum wage. I’ve been living in Bellingham for just over a year and I still haven’t found a suitable job (and I’ve tried everything outside of witchcraft LOL). Getting a job here is about knowing someone or starting your own business, hopefully something green and progressive since that fits in with the character of the city. If you hold a Masters degree or higher the university and colleges often hire professors and instructors.

    Seattle on the other hand, is jumping with employment and the jobs pay much better than the jobs in Bellingham, which is considered a “university” town. Rent is much higher in Seattle, but if you get into a house share or share an apartment it’s doable.

    Having said all of that, if I had to choose between Seattle and Bellingham, even given my current circumstances, it’s Bellingham hands down. I love this enchanting ham.

    Places to check out, Whatcom Museum of History & Art (downtown Bellingham), Old Fairhaven (South Bellingham), Whatcom Falls, Western Washington University, The Public Market (Terra Organica), Cornwall Park (though this is much better to visit in the spring or summer), Boulevard Park/Bellingham Bay, when you’re in Old Fairhaven, stop by Village Books, historic neighborhoods such as Historic Sehome, Historic York, Eldridge/Columbia, Sunnyland if you’re looking for a Trader Joe’s and enjoy historic houses, Lake Whatcom and definitely take a ride along Chuckanut Highway.

  9. Hi Patricia, is there a way for me to e-mail you directly? I’d like any advice you can give about a room to rent for 3 days while I’m in Bellingham.
    Many thanks,
    Lylah (

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