5 Tips for Living Tiny (and Relieve Stress)

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There is an art to living comfortably in a tiny home or smaller apartment. People who lean towards hoarding are better off not living in a smaller space, unless they enjoy feeling hemmed in or they don’t suffer from claustrophobia. The truth is that we are all energy and our space we call home is also energetic. When energy flows in our homes and in our bodies, we feel healthier and less stressed out.

So, here are tips to living comfortably in a tiny space.

Clean up Immediately

When you live in a smaller space, the last thing you want is dirty dishes cluttered up the counter or old mail littering the space or dirty clothing strewn across the floor. This actually causes stress because there is a feeling of our lives being out of control when our space is cluttered or in disarray. Now, I know some people who disagree with me. They believe that the disarray is a form of alternative organization.

However, for most people, clearing away clutter opens a flow of creativity and helps them to relax. I know for myself, clutter puts me on edge and I’m not able to become productive around clutter.


Okay, this is an obvious one. Of course, you would give away and sell belongings if you’re moving from a bigger space to a smaller one. And if you’re fortunate and your smaller space has cabinets and shelves built into it, you can also give away or sell bulky furniture and replace it with something lighter (in color and weight).

The downside of lighter furniture is it could cause us to feel less grounded or like we’re floating through life. If that happens bring in rubber tree or philodendron in terracotta pots and anchor the corners of the space. Placing books on shelves and on tables strategically can also helps us feel more grounded.

Less is More

If you do bring plants or art objects into your space, remember that less is more. You want to avoid cluttering the space with too much of a good thing. Depending on the size of the space, you might just need five medium to large plants. You can bunch the plants together or spread them out through the space. If you have high ceilings hang one or two plants from the ceiling or place on a higher shelf.

As far as artwork and art objects, it’s best to place art strategically too unless you are going for the Boho Chic effect (which is my favorite way to decorate). If that is your approach use objects in creative ways even creating a third dimensional collage of unrelated objects such as placing a plant on a conga drum head or hang jewelry from a framed photograph or painting (if the color scheme matches). Play around with texture and colors. Cluster objects. (But don’t display all your objects at one time).

Get Organized

This is another obvious one that we already know about. First, release objects, clothing, and other goods you no longer need. Clear out your files, toss, recycle, and only keep what you actually want or need at this time. Then organize your closets or work space with plastic bins with a combination of shelves. Also go through your kitchen and your bathroom and remove clutter from those spaces. This is when you give away dishware, pots, pans, and cooking utensils that you haven’t used in years. By clearing out these objects you create a flow for new ones to enter that are more relevant to your current lifestyle.

Give away extra shampoo or lotions that you no longer need that clutter the bathroom cabinets and shelves. Toss out products that are past their expiration dates. And remove toxic products by depositing them at toxic waste centers in your area. Yes, many personal hygiene products are toxic with some even causing cancer and neurological issues. (Check out the Environmental Working Group’s website to learn more).

Use Only Natural Cleaners

Do you want to save money on cleaning products? Nope, I’m not talking about shopping for cheap cleaning (as in toxic) at dollar or discount stores. Did you know that vinegar kills bacteria and molds? Lemon juice is inexpensive too. And add baking soda and Castile soap to that mix. If you would like a product with fragrance than add essential oils to soap or a baking soda scrub. But make sure the essential oils are good quality and not a cheap imitation. The money you save by cleaning with vinegar and baking soda can be used to buy high quality essential oils. Also plants and HEPA purifiers can keep your air clean.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

My final tip is to clean as you go along. Clean off the objects and tools off your kitchen table after you complete a project. Place your paperwork in a file cabinet or file after you are done with it. Wash your dishes after each meal unless you have a dishwasher and you can hide the dishes in the dishwasher until the end of the day. Do not let your dirty dishes sit overnight. Wash your clothing at least once a week. Dirty clothing not only contains dirt, oils, and germs, it also contains unwanted energies you picked up over the course of a day or a week. And dirty clothing could also contain fleas and ticks you picked up while walking outdoors or playing with animals.

If you would like to unclutter your mind, then start by uncluttering your living space, especially if that space is on the small or tiny side. All of my tips are common sense but when we are engaged in the thick of life we often forget to stay organized and tidy. The best tiny house is a tidy home.

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