Hello NW Pennsylvania!

I moved again. What? Yep, I relocated 549 miles from Montpelier, Vermont to Erie County in Pennsylvania. After six frustrating, if not heartbreaking, months of searching for long-term housing in Vermont, I packed my belongings, hopped a ride to Albany and from Albany I hopped a train to Erie.

Photo by Shreyas Sane on Pexels.com

While I’m not going to wax on about the housing crisis in Vermont, I have accumulated miles with Amtrak. It was never my intention to live in Pennsylvania. I was obsessed with living in Vermont–you know, living the maple syrup-Senator Bernie Sanders-not Ben and Jerry’s lifestyle. But sometimes the Creator has other plans. So, now, I’m living in the snow belt of Pennsylvania and I don’t enjoy freezing weather.

I was faced with living in a homeless hotel (because I was running out of money) or relocate to one of the last ten states which still has affordable housing. Pennsylvania showed the most promise. I arranged travel and finding an apartment within a two week window. I did not have two years to research Pennsylvania and in many ways, I would not have chosen this state if other more desirable states had affordable housing. But I’m adjusting to life in the Great Lakes region and I’m actually seeing golden opportunities here.

By Patricia Herlevi

I guess the lesson here is to not get caught up or trapped in the hype of desirable locations. Vermont and Washington State (where I was born and raised) have appeal. But like every US state at this time, also have a problem with homelessness, crime, and drugs. The lesson is when you choose a place to move, look up the dirt on the place. Yes, it’s easy to hook up with the fantasy that is sold to us in magazines and videos. But even the knowledgeable YouTube travel and relocation hosts did not mention the troubles Vermont faced around housing. They do their viewers a disservice not to mention housing. For instance, there is employment waiting for workers in Vermont, but nowhere for the workers to live at this time.

For now, there has been a change of plans. At this time of year, my plan was to share leaf photos from Vermont. But alas, you’re going to get leaf photos from Pennsylvania. And no, I’m not including Amish people and buggies on dirt roads. Not my thing. Sorry.

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