Cracking Open the Egg of Life

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Perhaps, the title about cracking an egg doesn’t make sense. But lately, I’ve seen people facing challenges that are like cracking the proverbial egg. We can’t eat the egg when it’s still in the shell, just like we can’t live a life fully and intentionally if we sink into denial about our circumstances. In this case, the shell represents denial.

An example could be that someone moves to the wrong place or home. They don’t want to bother with looking for a new home because that involves some effort. They also choose not to ruffle the feathers of others who have grown accustomed to the person living their life a specific way in that particular place. But as the saying goes, if you don’t crack the eggs, you can’t make an omelet.

If you’re vegan, please forgive my metaphor. But it is just a metaphor that gives a vivid image and a direct message. Another part of that message is that we tend to either lean towards all positive thinking or mostly negative thinking about our life circumstances. But no one lives an ideal life. There are no perfect homes, no perfect people, no perfect places, or no perfect circumstances. We will always find some discomfort even when our desires manifest. This is because as humans we are constantly expanding and hopefully evolving.

Don’t beat yourself up over this. When we crack open these life circumstances eggs they can lead us to better opportunities. Or at least we learn something about our strengths and our weaknesses. If we choose to show up mindfully, we see what areas of our lives require improvements. And yet, some of those improvements will upset people. That’s not your problem. Your challenge is to live your life authentically by adjusting to your heart’s desire.

Someone might be diagnosed with an illness. On the surface that diagnoses seems like a tragedy, but on closer inspection, that diagnoses leads to healing the problem one step at a time. That healing journey leads to a stronger body or at least a healthier mindset. Many workaholics have changed their lives and taking a slower lane after a severe diagnosis. Instead of wallowing in self-pity they took responsibility for their happiness. Some of these people became the thought leaders of our time.

For another person this egg cracking open shows up as a divorce or separation. Or it shows up as a failed dream that later leads to redirection. We are all be asked to examine our lives and to explore our options at this time. We might jump off one path onto another one, surprising ourselves and shocking others. The key is to not beat ourselves up over our change of direction.

In the movie, The Celestine Prophecy, Father Jose tells the main character John (after John is captured by rebels and tossed into a cage), that he must look for the silver lining in his situation. And that’s where he will find the wisdom (I’m paraphrasing).

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