Never Take Your Home for Granted

I was at the food coop realizing a list of things I took for granted. I came up with a longer list of things I’m not able to do at this time. I’ve been homeless since I left Washington State at the beginning for April. It’s not that I didn’t have money saved up to rent an apartment. It’s that I didn’t find an apartment to rent before my savings dwindled. Hotel rooms are not a permanent home.

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So, here is my list of the things I took for granted and only realize it now:

Buying unripe peaches because I had a countertop where they ripened

Not being able to buy avocadoes, peaches, apricots, plums, or cherries unless they are ripe.

Not being able to cook using my own cookware.

Not being able to own houseplants.

Not being able to keep records because my books are in storage.

Not being able to make a good pot of tea.

Not being able to reread my favorite books.

Not being able to go out in the evening because I often have to arrange sleeping accommodations

Not being able to have access to my wardrobe so I wear the same clothing, rotated just a bit.

Not having access to my shoes.

Not having access to my full sound therapy kit.

Not being able to work with clients on a regular basis.

Not having a set schedule.

Not knowing where I’ll be when winter arrives.

Not feeling relaxed.

Not having my own kitchen.

Not having my own bathroom (I miss cleaning my home).

Not being able to take a nap.

I had better not get sick because I have nowhere permanent to go.

Not feeling safe and secure.

I miss having my own washer and dryer (instead of hauling laundry by bus across a city).

I could type more items on this list but I think anyone reading this will get the point. At this time, thousands, if not millions of people are without shelter or a place to call home. For many people, it’s through no fault of their own. Some people are getting evicted just because their landlord is power-hungry or greedy. People are even evicted from trailer parks. Hard to believe.

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