Fundraiser For Home

Brattleboro has not worked out for me. I’m moving to Montpelier. However, there is a glitch which is financial. So, I launched this fundraiser to pay for relocation my belongings, a rental deposit, and two months rent.

I launched a GoFundMe. Crowd funding is how we’re going to thrive in the Aquarius Age.

2 thoughts on “Fundraiser For Home

  1. Wishing you luck – it’s a beautiful state – which of course draws a lot of people – maybe it will be better once fall arrives and tourists leave. Will be interested in your impressions Montpelier – You’ll find your “place” – that’s a tricky thing, but you’ll find it. (And make sure you explore all that area – left without seeing the Olympia rainforest? Sigh. Well, there’s some wonder waiting for you where you are headed)

  2. Thank you. I know, I missed seeing the Olympic Rainforest in Washington State. Vermont is beautiful. It is friendly but finding a home has been a challenge and not just for me. It’s like that in most US States now.

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