A Year Ago…And Today

A year ago, I was experiencing semi-lockdown. Most of the stores in the city where I reside were closed, the streets were mostly empty except for people driving around due to boredom. I refused to become cynical or fearful and put my mind to good use.

Like many others, I joined Zoom events to connect with others. I signed up for courses with Udemy (something I said that I would never do). By the end of April of 2020, I immersed myself in Reiki and animal communication courses which took up most of my time. It started with thinking about Reiki, then reading books about Reiki and then signing up for a course using stimulus money to pay for it.

I also bought writing software and set out to complete a YA novel and a memoir. I figured that the pandemic would fade away by summer when the hotter months arrived. And while life did open up a bit, the pandemic hung on keeping some parts of the world in lockdown. Meanwhile, the economy gasped and many people experienced financial struggles like I had done in previous decades, even though I felt sheltered from the 2020 economic storm.

I got the universal message which was to take time out, rest, and to reassess the direction of my life. Both my writing and astrology careers were on hold so like many of the people who took up driving gigs, I had to think outside of the box. I learned how to give distance Reiki to animals. I also produced a series of short videos for my YouTube channel to keep viewers on track with the shifts and transformation happening on the planet.

For several months, I took online classes, practiced extreme self-care, tried out new supplements, and attended online events. But then by fall, I experienced burn out (which I haven’t recovered from yet). I didn’t want to spend time on the computer any longer getting blasted with low levels of radiation. I would rather spend time outdoors, play my cedar flute, practice sound healing, read a book, and sleep.


By late June of 2020, I was able to get out of the neighborhood and commute by bus to another community. While I still felt isolated behind a mask among strangers wearing masks on a ferry, at least the weather took a turn for the best. And I saw that places I had missed had not disappeared. Life still went on. And what was with all the tourists? Had they been around this whole time when I was stuck in a house bickering with my elderly parents? Was the virus real or imagined? Why were there two sets of rules–one for the locals and one for the tourists? Why was tourism permitted in places where we were in lockdown?

In June I was able to get my haircut. I went to a cheap haircut place the first time, but later that summer, I went to a salon and splurged. It was mostly to cheer myself up. I was able to receive unemployment benefits as a self-employed worker. I finally had some money but I would have to learn how to budget for the first time in my life. I also took business classes so that I would launch a healthy business instead of one where I lived hand-to-mouth like in previous years and decades. This time I was going to do things right.

I do my best to keep myself in good spirits even though none of my problems have gone away. I’m looking for my own home to rent. I’m dealing with health challenges (but thankfully not COVID-related). And with all this time I’ve spent alone, I’ve wrestled with my inner demons in which there are a good many. I’m opening my mind to new possibilities even ideas I rejected in the past. I experienced deep healing from spiritual teachers and energy-workers during the past twelve months. I figured it was the best investment of my time and resources. However, I’m cutting back on the number of supplements I’m buying. I also cut my grocery bill in half by going with a national delivery service.

Today, I feel unmotivated and I’m suffering from brain fog. Perhaps, this is the effects of the 5G networks in my neighborhood. Perhaps, this is from enduring all the fear in the world slamming me and pretending to be mine. Perhaps, this is because of a spiritual shift or a global one. I’m making less videos now. I’m not as willing to join Zoom events and engage with strangers. I feel like I need to protect my space, time, energy and resources now. I’ll also be watching less videos on YouTube because all the ads drain my energy. I had fallen prey to some of the advertisers with mixed results when their products arrived at my doorstep.

But I do remember those brilliant global moments when Italians in lockdown serenaded each other on balconies. I remember images of a soccer game or a ice skating competition where only the TV crews appeared in the stands. I remember the ballet dancers wearing face masks as they danced in Manhattan. I remember the New York City Ballet dancer doing a workout in her apartment to stay in shape. I remember all the products over advertised on social media because viewers became captive audiences or just captive. I remember the battles over face masks and arguments on whether or not the pandemic is real or some elite scheme to control the masses. And to be honest, there is no clear-cut answer because it’s probably all of the above and then some.

A year later and I understand quantum realities more deeply. I have witnessed multiple realities playing out on the world stage. In my own city, I witnessed visiting tourists while the locals were in lockdown. I met people who had been traveling by air even though I thought there had been a travel ban in place. I met people who were staying in hotels and I wondered about the safety of that until I stayed in a hotel and realized it was more hygienic than the home where I was in lockdown for several months. And I also realize that humanity is a powerful collective capable of transmuting a virus into unconditional love and transmuting scary vaccines into healing love if we place our focus on this transmutation. We have the power to create a new reality. So, what will you do?

Where to next?