Staying Local and Global On-line


Photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved


When I first started this blog, I focused on local travel or at least the local community where I resided at the time, Bellingham, Washington. Then, eventually, the blog turned into one of those catch-all situations with little focus. I fixed that problem by changing the blog’s focus to local travel, but then, the pandemic happened…

When I could still commute to local communities and photograph the communities’ quirks, I shared those Western Washington locales. And then the pandemic happened and commuting usually involves walking within a four-mile radius in a city I don’t find in the least interesting.

Even though I made a promise to myself to spend less time on the computer, this pandemic has presented experiences I once did in person now only available via Zoom, Google, YouTube, Udemy, or Facebook. I also said that I would not purchase anything over the computer using a credit card but that unfortunately has changed too. This drag into the modern world leaves me feeling nervous and exhausted, not to mention my posture is worsening the more I sit in front of a screen.


Fort Casey, back when Whidbey had a tourist economy. Photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved.

On the plus side, I haven’t had to go far to consult with a doctor or therapist via Zoom. I’ve bought most of my supplements and personal products through small discounts (Vita Cost and Pure Formulas) companies based in Florida and Nevada. I ordered garments through a sustainable company in San Francisco (PACT), organic cotton socks from the Midwest (Maggie’s), and I bought tarot cards from a book store I once taught at based in the Seattle area through its on-line store (East West Books).

I heard about a sale for courses on Udemy (which is all the time, folks), and I signed up for Reiki and animal communication classes, including a color therapy-Reiki class. The most expensive class was around $20 for all three levels of Reiki and the attunement ceremony.


I’m missing Port Townsend and the fun I had there last summer, 2019. Photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

Besides, I took on-line workshops for Patreon, watched numerous new YouTube hosts, donated money to animal rescue efforts, and today I watched a lecture on Ancient Egypt through Smithsonian. With all that available to me now, I wonder if I would have done any of the above had I not experienced a pandemic and forced to stay home. I get bored easily so I welcome any experiences that stretch me to learn something new.

Some people tell me that the world will never be the way it was before the pandemic or what people are calling the New Normal. There are many things I don’t want to see return such as destruction to the climate/environment, greed, selfishness, or ruthless political agendas. It is my hope that humans use this time to unite instead allow divisive situations to unfold. More than ever, we need each other.

The saddest scenario is that people are asked to cover their faces, stay away from others, and live anonymous lives. While I know that this is to curb a disease from killing everyone off, it will have psychological ramifications because humans are social creatures. We should in the very least be given therapy animals or at least have access to animals for comfort and more natural settings to feel a connection to the Earth.

Personally, despite the opportunities presented to me through my computer, this computer is old and needs to rest. I also prefer to rest my eyes. It is my hope that the truth about this pandemic seeps out to the public and we find ways to protect our health without being separated from the pack. It is my hope that humans won’t learn to fear each other permanently and treat each other like Petri dishes.

I’m a healer and I believe that we can heal one another. That will take a radical change of lifestyles and I hope we have the will to do that and let the healing become the New Normal.