The World Reset Series–Approaching the Finish Line



In a short span of two months, I changed my life by learning Reiki. I had not considered learning Reiki online until I watched a free online course on YouTube. Prior to that, I felt a strong urge to learn this hands-on energy modality and to work with animals. Then a friend told me about a site with a sale for online classes and I signed up for the Reiki courses.

Back in March, I watched Reiki videos on YouTube and I noticed that crystals vibrated in my hands. I also noticed that my hands drew the energy from the practitioner in the video and heated up. It took that as a nudge from the Universal Life Force choosing to work with me or at least encouraging me to learn Reiki. Anyone can learn how to channel Reiki energy, but Reiki is more than just a set of hand positions and memorizing symbols.

A true Reiki Master lives by the 5 Reiki Principles and while these principles might sound rudimentary try doing them every day. Here they are.

1. Just for today, I will not worry.

2. Just for today, I will not be angry.

3. Just for today, I will do my work with honesty.

4. Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

5. Just for today, I will be kind to myself and others.

No one lives these principles perfectly, especially at the beginning of the training. However, falling short on any or all of them is not an excuse to beat ourselves up. The teacher of the courses I took emphasized that we say the principles out loud every time we give ourselves a Reiki treatment and when we meditate–at least two times a day. Eventually, the principles ingrain into our subconscious mind.

What I learned about keeping myself healthy during the Corona pandemic and also from the Reiki courses is that a change of habits takes practice. It also takes a minimum of 30 days to change a habit or a lifestyle. Not everyone who takes a Reiki course or even goes through the attunement ceremony will continue the 5 principles or set up a practice to channel Reiki for others. As long as, they remember to use the Reiki for their own self-development and continue on the path of self-reflection and self-care,  then the Reiki is also channeled with great love on the planet.

When the pandemic forced us to shelter in our homes (for those of us who had a roof over our heads), it gave us the opportunity to learn new habits, discard old ones, and sift through our values. We learned about our gifts and our quirks. And if we worked on healing our shadows or integrating our shadows, then we will find that when the shelter in place orders ends, we will reenter the world as a new person.

I want to give away some of my clothing and clear away stuff that just feels heavy in my life. I also joined John Newton’s Ancestral DNA Clearing group calls for the past two months where I experienced major breakthroughs. And I know that the other people on the calls (over 100, I’m guessing) experienced breakthroughs too. I’ve never met those people but they feel like an invisible tribe to me. Add to this, the global prayers and global meditations happening throughout the past two months.

And as people around the world sheltered in place and we all experienced a global event with no commercialism behind it (although some folks tried to use the pandemic to further their ambitions), humans had the potential to witness Oneness or Unity Consciousness. I hope more people than not, remember this feeling of belonging to a collective much larger than our egos or personal pursuits. We are all in this transition together so there is the momentum to shift our consciousness.

It’s like John Lennon sang in his song Imagine, “You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”