TheWorldResetSeries–Lockdown for Nearly 40 Days



On March 20 after returning from a commute to Port Townsend, I went into volunteering lockdown. The following Monday, the Washington State Governor ordered Washingtonians to stay home and practice physical distancing. For the first week of the lockdown, I was concerned that I was exposed to the virus on a bus because the bus driver mentioned that she had just sanitized the bus because a sick person (high fever and cough) rode the bus earlier that day).


During the first week of the lockdown, I suffered from a reoccurrence of OCD and I realized that I was disinfecting a house (with natural cleaners) even when no one was sick in the household. I didn’t have a meltdown regarding toilet paper (because I already had enough for four weeks) but I did worry about not being able to find rubbing alcohol since all the stores were out of it. At the same time, I had this overwhelming feeling that a Higher Power was taking care of my needs.

Since that time, I traded my astrology and other gifts for masks and supplements. I have ordered products online from small companies (even though in the past I almost never shopped online), and I decided to learn new skills.  I signed up for an online Reiki class and I bought writing software with my stimulus check.

I meditate and exercise my body every day. I go for long walks and photograph flowers. I sit on the  Earth and I join worldwide meditations and global prayers to awaken humanity. I’ve met new people online who uplift my spirits. And I watch my diet (no sugar, plenty of vegetables and fruit). I believe I’m taking better care of my body than I did prior to the virus arriving on the planet. I also began taking a medicinal mushroom formula. The only challenge  I still face is absorbing other people’s fear which derails me at times.

I also started this blog series and I started a daily video series on Astrologer Patricia (YouTube) which will now be only 3 days a week.

I believe that as a collective that we can transmute the virus and transform our lives so that we live in harmony on the planet.