#TheWorldResetSeries Unexpected Blessings in Lockdown


This photo is from 2016.


I have been in lockdown in Washington State since March 22 and my last commute to Port Townsend was on Friday, March 20. While a government order to stay home is completely new to me, isolating myself at home is old news to me since I did this in the 1990s when I discovered that I was suffering from chemical sensitivities and extreme allergies.

However, this time in lockdown, I see the blessings in the time I have for self-reflection, meditation, returning to old hobbies, researching new topics, practicing astrology, making videos, creative cookery, and even harvesting dandelions to make dandelion tea. Like many others around the world in lockdown, I’ve used this time to improve my diet and to exercise as well as, to strengthen my mind through meditation.

While I could adopt a pessimistic outlet for the most part I haven’t. This was not the same for me during the 1990s when I saw myself as a captive victim. I did learn new skills at that time and I carried on the best I could, but I did not have the tools and practices that I have in middle age. Life is too short for pessimism and none of us knows the orchestration from the cosmos that shapes our current reality. Humanity is on reset because we were heading over a cliff.

As I mentioned in one of my Astrologer Patricia videos on YouTube, nothing was capturing the attention of humanity to change its behavior. While a few stalwarts were protecting the Earth, the animals, and changing lifestyles, we have to admit that the whole of humanity was ignoring the warning signs with Climate Change, the plight of youth, and the downturned economy. People were too busy driving their kids around to all those activities they were enrolled in (never giving them time to breathe) or posting selfies on social media. Our societies were narcissistic and even sociopathic as more people were suffering from entitlement issues and not empathizing with anyone from their detached virtual worlds.

So, now, we all have time to reflect on the planet and our roles in it. We have the opportunity to transform the planet and become better stewards. We have the opportunity to reinvent farming, the economy, education, and every other sector of life. We also have the opportunity to open our hearts wide and become harmonious and cooperative with each other.

This is why I launched this interview series and I hope that you read all the interviews. I will stop posting the interviews after the lockdown ends in Washington State. In the meantime, I’m looking for a diverse group of people to interview and who are making the best of this time for self-development and reinventing the wheel.

Thank you for your readership and please follow this blog.