#TheWorldResetSeries Holistic Approaches to the Pandemic-Isolation

In a world gone completely mad, it’s nice to know that some people are thriving and others are approaching the world through kindness and common sense. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear which is more powerful and more destructive than any virus. On the other hand, we still live on a splendid planet and there is still our daily work, especially for the essential workers.

As I continue my series (which is meant to change your perspective), I introduce you to Anna Maria Wolf, a nature photographer (I’ve enjoyed her photographs on Facebook) and a holistic vet (mobile vet) in Jefferson County in Washington State.


Anna Maria and her trusty companion.


How are you thriving in the time of Corona?

How many weeks have you been in lockdown?

Anne Maria Wolf–I have been in lockdown for four weeks now, though eased into it gradually and I am still working as a mobile holistic veterinarian.


You are an essential worker so how does this look with the lockdown?

AMW–It is definitely different! I am seeing fewer clients, and incorporating social distancing into my practice. I see regular clients for acupuncture and I’m mostly seeing dogs outside, with social distancing as far as possible, including masks and gloves – for the humans! I do see one cat who is so cooperative and Zen that she doesn’t have to be held. So, we keep our distance in the house and she gets to enjoy her acupuncture treatments.


How are you keeping your mind, body, and spirit healthy during this time?

AMW–I am going for daily walks in nature, taking time to appreciate and photograph the animals in my backyard and local area, as well as meditating daily. I’m not pushing myself to complete tasks and listening to myself for guidance, and taking things easy as much as I can outside my somewhat stressful work environment and the challenges of the pandemic.


Are you taking up any new hobbies or learning something new?

AMW–No, but I am focusing on my photography and taking the time I need to rest and heal, though, in reality, I have not had much time to do that, so not much time for other hobbies either!

What skills and personality traits work well for you during the lockdown?

AMW–I am a veterinarian so we are trained in infectious diseases, and used to think the way we need to think during a pandemic. So I was already prepared and a lot of things come naturally such as wearing masks, and proper protocols for controlling the spread of the virus. I am also used to working in emergency type situations, and I am sure this has helped.

Personality traits that have helped include determination, and being somewhat of an introvert so being at home is not the problem! Dealing with daily stressors and working through the pandemic has been more of a challenge for me. But this is what I do and so really I was already pretty prepared for the actual pandemic and had thought about what to do if this happened. When I saw this in December on the news, I had a bad feeling we were headed for a pandemic event and sad to say that it has proved to be true.

What daily practices have you been able to keep up with?

AMW–I have been able to continue daily walks, meditations and working on my personal growth and development as best I can. Being in nature has also been very healing for me at the present time, and just being home and in my back yard in the Olympic National Forest has been a gift that I should not underestimate.

Being at home more has been an unexpected balm for the soul. I have a lot of animals so have to care for them on a daily basis as well. Daily Gratitude is another important practice I have been able to continue.


Are you alone or with family? And if you are with family members or with others, what advice do you have for others in the same boat?

AMW–I am with my teenager, who is 16 years old, and as a full-time single Mom this has been a challenge, I think for parents of teenagers trying to talk to them and keep things in perspective and doing things together every day is helpful. Trying to work through the intense emotions on both sides and remember to practice gratitude and patience. I think it is hard for teenagers who have not experienced anything like this and so many amazing adventures have been canceled and postponed. Looking forward to the future when the adventures will happen is helpful.

What practices do you have in place to keep yourself virus-free?

AMW–I have been wearing masks and gloves and washing my hands often as well as showering when I come home and washing my clothes. I am also taking a lot of immune support and homeopathic remedies, such as Zinc, Astragalus, Vitamin D, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, Chinese Herbs and anti-viral supplements.

Trying to rest and minimize stress I think is important too and that has been the biggest challenge for me. I am also limiting where I go as much as possible, aside from my work and have been ordering whatever I can online and practicing social distancing to the best of my ability. It has been a challenging time, but I’ve been working hard to get through it and to grow as a person during this process.