#TheWorldResetSeries Making the Best of the Corona Lockdown



As I continue my series of interviews with innovative and resourceful people, I remind people that we always have a choice in the way we handle a situation. No one asked for the COVID 19 virus to shut down their lives, wreak havoc on their bodies, or transform their lives. Yet, we have seen people respond with kindness. We have seen people glean spiritual messages from the situation. And we are witnessing a New Earth go through the birthing process.

How has Corona changed your life?


Isabel Rivas Cortez


How many weeks have you been in lockdown or practicing physical distancing?



Isabel Rivas Cortez: 4 weeks. I placed myself on lockdown as Of March 16, 2020; I work Full time and believe this was my duty.



What spiritual or other lessons have you learned from the experience?


IRC: I have always always been spiritual, though I find my Angel’s, my Guardian Angel’s, and Saints and our Lord near me, giving me protection for myself…. for others. I pray for others, to ensure and to especially spread the word of the one above, messages are getting stronger.


Have you experienced any profound moments or realizations by having time to self-reflect or downtime?


IRC: Yes absolutely…more than ever before.


Have you tried anything new or developed any new skills during this time?


IRC: Yes, I’m doing so much. I don’t like anyone to say it’s boring! I am studying astrology, learning how to heal with prayers, journaling to write a book about crystals, singing (at least carrying a tune), writing poems, toning with music, organizing and purging.


What are your practices for keeping a healthy mind and heart during this time?


IRC: Believe this will all come to an end. Stay strong and have Faith. Do your part for the World. Know how to adapt to every change to move forward in a positive way.

I know that I am blessed.


What have you done to keep a healthy mind and boost your immune system? Plant medicine, exercise, spending time outdoors, listening to music?


IRC: Elliptical 20 minutes HITT

Upper body exercises

Take Vitamin D

Drinking water, green tea other tea 

Eat healthily

Listen to music