#TheWorldResetSeries Thriving During Corona


Since the mainstream media has done such a good job scaring people, not to mention, traumatizing the public with its fear-driven agenda revolving around the COVID 19 virus and the lockdowns, I’m offering an alternative.

Consider that the entire world is experiencing a reset to get us back on a more sustainable track. Consider that, as people are staying at home, animals and wildlife is returning. The skies are clearing. People are reconsidering their professions and transformation is occurring. Consider that fear is the worst culprit to destroying an immune system along with a bad diet, lack of exercise, and a total disregard for the human body.

During the following days of lockdown, I will be posting interviews with people who are using this time to give birth to a positive new world. This is the perfect time to re-envision a world in balance in all ways.

Ra Light


The first interview is with musician Ra Light.

(All the people interviewed are receiving the same set of questions to respond to. The interviews are subject to editing).

How long have you been in lockdown?
RL: I remember lockdown in my area starting around the 16 of March.  Although it’s strange I had my OSHA class program that week so for 9 hours or so I was going somewhere else. 
So my experience really began on the 21st although for a certain while since September 2017 to Early March my whole felt like I was under house arrest and my ability to go wherever I want to be was limited to family events like going to amusement parks, things that are not my true passion.
What spiritual lessons have you learned from the experience?
RL: Considering how clean the air has gotten from the lack of traffic from cars and that dolphin has returned to Italy I say one thing we can learn is perhaps to slow down and give back to nature. I think multiple 2 years and a month’s experience was preparing me for these two months so I don’t go totally crazy.  This lockdown is pretty normal, just staying indoors.
Have you experienced any profound moments?
RL: I saw a post where someone compared the lockdown to a religious event that happened in Moses’ section of the Bible.  I remember someone clearly, they had to splatter blood on the entrance of their house and stay indoors while God dealt with their enemies.  Who knows maybe some revelations or areas of freedom while be granted to all of us, beyond what we’ve experienced so far.
What practices do you have at this time to keep a healthy mind?
RL: Just practice good hygiene, practice your hobbies or craft and some daily prayer to get through the day.
What advice do you have for people living in fear and anxiety?
RL: Do some research into the development, observe the facts but at the time have some faith everything will work out.  Find your center, read the Bible, listen to a genre of music you don’t normally listen to.
Are you alone or with family?
RL: I am with my family during this situation.