Another Relocation Go Fund Me Raiser


While I have never been a good fund raiser, I organized successful benefit concerts and events in the past. But it’s different to raise funds for a non-profit organization or favorite cause and another thing, to ask you to donate to a fund to help me rent a room in a new town.

The current town where I am residing (in a small room at my parents’ house) does not have suitable or good-paying employment for me. I am unable to get back to my writing or to even work with enough clients to keep my astrology practice going. I also have had little time for photography, blogging, and sharing my gifts with the world since I am constantly under stress.

None of the doctors in this town or even nearby towns take my medical coverage so I have not visited a doctor since August. My belongings are stored in an unheated facility that has had rat problems in the past. I have to travel by ferry to the town where my post office box and storage are located, not to mention, the town where I would like to move.

And I chose that town for the following reasons:

  • It’s a small artist community (9,000 residents)
  • I could find work and keep my business going in this town
  • I have had job offers if I move to the town (the commute won’t work)
  • I can host a community radio show
  • Get involved with town planning and housing solutions
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Share my gifts with people who truly appreciate them
  • Get my health back in order by getting into a clean and quiet environment
  • Live with people who share my lifestyle

Please support my cause if you feel it in your heart and wallet to do so. You can donate through PayPal (wholemusicexp at

Go Fund Me

or by mail by sending a money order to PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368

And if you donate $500 or more I will gift you with a photograph that appears on this blog (one that I have taken) of your choice–signed and framed.

This fund is meant to cover first month’s rent and a deposit for a room, plus moving expenses.

Thank you.