Photography–The Little Town of Port Townsend, WA



Even though prophets and intuitives predict the destruction of the West Coast in the US, I’m still here enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean for as long as possible. I took these photographs in Port Townsend. A few of the photos were taken at the Kai Tai Lagoon in the south part of the town. I took photos at Fort Worden and downtown Port Townsend.

If you are not aware of Port Townsend, affectionately referred to as PT, the small Victorian shipping town or port is located on the Peninsula in Washington State. It is located in Jefferson County, across the channel from Island County and it intersects with several counties including, Kitsap, Mason, Grays, and Clallam.

While it is a beautiful town vibrant from the arts, ships, and eccentric people (mostly politically progressive), I caution you if you plan on moving there. While this town will resolve its housing problem, currently, newcomers and some longtime residents are struggling to find proper housing or any housing at all, in some cases. The paper mill on the far south part of town also releases foul air, think rotten eggs and boiled cabbage.

And yet, for the right person (someone desiring to contribute to the community and live in a sustainable way), Port Townsend is charming. The people are friendly and the town receives less rainfall than other parts of Western Washington. However, the downside is if you are of the consumer-mate

rialistic mindset, you won’t like this town. You have to drive to other counties to shop at big box stores. It is more expensive than other parts of the state, with the exception of King County. The pace is slower than the cities and there are darker energies to contend with. And the only way to get to the town is by ferry, unless you want to come the long back way from Olympia. It does not have easy access to trains, travel buses, airports, or the I-5 corridor.