Fund Raiser for Relocation

DSCN9123After residing in Bellingham for six years, I am leaving. I am relocating to a new town. But this is a big dream because I still need to raise funds to move me and my belongings to a new community in Washington State.

Without getting into a sob story, I endured psychological abuse from a housemate and landlords for 10 months. And in the process, because of the nature of that type of energy, I haven’t had any work come in as a writer and due to of an extremely tight housing market, I was unable to rent a new home. The Universe is giving me the boot and asking me to take a leap of faith.

I’m currently staying in a cabin in Sudden Valley while I raise money to move. The new community is delightful and is located on the peninsula of Washington State. It’s not inexpensive and also has a housing shortage, but nothing like the one Bellingham is experiencing. There appears to be job opportunities in my field and as an entrepreneur I think it will work out for me in the new community.

DSCN9025I no longer recommend Bellingham as a place to live. The vibe here is currently dark and I don’t have a good feeling for this city any longer. I hope others find a way out of the city too. It’s not a place for sensitive artists any longer. I will miss many things here of course. And I will miss the animals and natural world especially.

Please donate to my Go Fund Me campaign. Thank you.


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