Photography–Wild and Ecological in the City of Subdued Excitement


DSCN8979It happens once a year. And I look forward to seeing my community toss of the dregs of winter and don their animal and plant costumes. It’s mostly parents and children who show up to march in this parade, with Generation X grandparents and Baby Boomer grandparents. Then, curious onlookers join the fray and this wild show gets going, which starts at the public library and ends at Maritime Heritage Park where the revelers dance to marimba music.

If a photograph tells 1,000 words, then I will allow my digital photographs to fill you in. The people all dressed in a single color were part of a marching rainbow.

Staging for the procession occurred behind the public library

I didn’t have many still images from the procession itself because I made videos of it.

It’s a rare event where Bellinghamsters have fun with no alcohol or brewery sponsors in sight. That’s another reason why I enjoy this parade, along with marchers breaking the rule of “no live animals” and allowing their dogs to march alongside them.

Watch it:

Photography by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

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