Photography–Those Little Winter Escapes

dscn7095I was telling someone today that I’m most happy nine months out of each year. I’ve never been fond of winter. This season is hard on the skin. It’s hard for the soul. And it’s hard on the pocketbook since electric and gas bills go through the roof. And yet, I decided to make a list of attributes I enjoy or at least get me through the rough months of January and February.

  • Sweet potatoes and yams taste best during the colder months. So do beets.
  • Home cooked soup warms the body and the soul.
  • I have more time to catch up on reading.
  • I spend quiet evenings listening to classical music and coloring.
  • It’s nice to cocoon in a comfortable, warm bed. Sleeping in feels justified.
  • I can try out new herbal teas or sip on hot apple cider (non-alcoholic).
  • I get to make my own version of hot chocolate.
  • Going to the park and photographing wintering birds
  • Enjoying clear views of the falls, the creek, and the lakes when the trees are bare
  • Wearing my favorite boots (not the kind you can wear in the summer)
  • Wearing my favorite sweaters, including cashmere sweaters
  • Seeing the sunset early in the evening (usually spectacular)
  • Photographing snow

While I enjoy the activities I mentioned, there are still many things about winter that bother me. And when that happens, I turn to my list to cheer myself up. On clear winter nights, I stare at the stars through the skylight while I’m wrapped in a throw blanket. And then I go do something metaphysical before heading off to sleep.


Photography by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved