Photography–Seattle (Same as it Never Was)


Pioneer Square, photo by Patricia Herlevi

On one hand, I often feel jittery-excited when the bus or train pulls into Seattle. The new skyscrapers dazzle my eyes until I grow exhausted from the vertical heights. I suffer from vertigo and disorientation these days when I visit the Emerald City. It feels like the Land of Oz with all its high-tech wizardry and it feels like the gold rush all over again–due to the greed of speculator developers.

But none of this prevented me from taking photographs during my yearly trip to a city I once lived in for 21 years. No one would remember my career as a fledgling arts journalist or as a fringe folk rock musicians (1980s-90s). That only matters to my ego as I travel incognito these days and my friends of the past are long gone–flew the coop to other cities less expensive and less stressful.

Photography by Patricia Herlevi

All Rights Reserved owned by Patricia Herlevi

More to come from my annual trip to Seattle…

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