Photography–La Conner, pas la connais

DSCN6190The title of this post begs for some explaining. I knew a French guy once who insisted that La Conner had a French pronunciation. Actually, this was embarrassing as we hopped from cafe to shop and he insisted on calling the arty small town, la connais, as in the French word for “to know”. Well, it really is pronounced “La Conner” named after the town’s founder’s wife, Louise A. Conner. It’s an American West town with nothing French about it, except that it’s chic and features a lot of fine art.

So during the spring of 2015, I returned to the little not-French town. I hadn’t visited in several years, so I was surprised that the corner bookstore (featured in my unpublished novel, Love Quadrangle), had vanished, and a new marina, or do I dare call it a port, gave a facelift to the already perfect postcard town.




All photos by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

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