2 thoughts on “Photography–Amateur, but Not a Beginner

  1. Oh, it’s a beauty contest like dog shows, ice skating…I’ve found that local competitions are pretty iffy as far as actual impartial judging skill. Even the best judge has tendencies to be partial to certain things – like texture, or shadows or composition….
    Some of these are very good. The last one is great whimsy. The leaning metal panels is cool – the pairing of the log “stairs” with the real stairs has impact. Yep, you’ve got an eye. Don’t take it so seriously.
    And you know that the ordinary person sometimes likes thing “experts” hate.

  2. 3 cheers for the ordinary person. In the end, it’s subjective. I’ve seen this especially with novels. The experts tell writers to stick to a myriad of conventions that the average reader never notices anyway. As long as the story is universal and the characters relatable (is this a word?), then the novel has its market. With photography, it’s subjective too. I mean if I took a bad photo of a puppy, composition-wise, dog lovers aren’t going to care.

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