Tea with Backyard Birds

This is one of the first posts for Bonjour Bellingham from 6 years ago. Thought I would dust it off–these humble beginnings. The photos are more recent.




I am completely off topic today.  I noticed that instead of writing about the literary quest, I have written more about living in the Pacific Northwest.

Today we experience another storm in western Washington–high winds, sheets of rain hitting the sides of buildings and darkness.  Since I don’t own a car and will have to stand in the rain waiting for a bus today, I am not too thrilled with this weather.  I am told that its origins come from a level 3 storm out of Alaska–I don’t doubt it.

But the topic for today is birds.  A baby Great Blue Heron has landed on my roof twice in the past month.  This seems unusual to me and I did not actually see the heron.  I learned about the bird in retrospect.  Still I feel excited about the bird omen.  Perhaps, like Mary Tyler Moore’s character, “I am going to make it after all.”  The Great Blue Heron as a totem represents independence and survival.  People with this totem tend to freelance and get by doing odd jobs, or jobs others would pass up.  In this new economy, we need to be resourceful and do the odd job.

Flicker has been coming around too, but I hear the bird without seeing it.  I have my tea with the Chickadees, but with this storm outside, the songbirds are tucked away safely in the hedges.  The only birds brave enough to fly out in the open are gulls and crows.

Speaking of birds everyone in my family has a bird to represent them.  Mine is the resourceful and wise crow–and yes, I am like that griot-crow hanging out on the telephone wire ranting about the problems in the world–mainly with politicians.  But I wonder, when the crows rant are they ranting about human destruction on the environment, or do they want us humans to put out more trash for them to eat?

Time to practice my yoga and dance to African music.  I need to uplift my soul at the moment.  Though first I want to mention an interview I heard on On Point Radio last night.  I only remember the first names of the musicians, Marquetta from the Czech Republic and Glenn from Ireland.  They perform music rich in harmonies and their songs remind me of early Simon and Garfunkel.  I enjoyed the interview and felt uplifted by those two wise musicians–sages among us.

On that note, I need to get rolling with this new day.

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