National Poetry Month


Time stands still in Old Fairhaven

In honor of National Poetry Month (April), here’s a poem I posted on Bonjour Bellingham some time ago.

A Stitch in Time

She keeps time in a bag,

sand trapped between her sagging legs.

Stealing stitches from eternity,

her soul endures maternity

until she gives birth to herself.

Cocooned passive, waiting

a trick of the clock eminent

She pulls out an unfinished sleeve,

thinking of the day she’ll take leave.

A departure date only known to her.

Unraveling the future, knotting the past,

a continual spiral until at last,

no tears for these arachnid-like days.

She stares into the void’s haze

until an arrival date only known to her.

She’s the mother and the child,

the beginning and end of time,

a riddle, a mystery, a prophecy,

So clear and bright that we close our eyes.

Yet, this Spider Woman weaves humanity’s destiny.

By Patricia Herlevi, 2011

Photography by Patricia Herlevi

All Rights Reserved



5 thoughts on “National Poetry Month

  1. And I have repeated it since this is an archival poem from 2011. I don’t have my flash drive with poetry and this is the only poem I could find online, but it works. And it’s a nice trip backwards in time.

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