Favorite Word Press Photos

When I browsed through my uploaded photographs looking for a particular photo today, it felt like I traveled down Memory Lane. Having taken thousands of digital photographs since 2008, I had forgotten about most of them, until…

So here are ten photos that I’m pulling from my archives on Word Press. All the photographs were taken in and around Bellingham, Washington, mostly from 2012-14.

food coop celebration 017

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I like the horns in this photograph sparkling under the July sun. I took this photo at the annual Community Food Coop Party in 2012 (I believe) and this band was with the Circus Guild. They reminded me of Tom Waits.

swing baby 026

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I took this photograph also the first full year that I lived in Bellingham. I had discovered the dance workshops held in the Village Green (Fairhaven) on a Sunday in July. These particular dancers were involved with the swing workshop.

Itchy foot

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I used a red filter effect on my Nikon Coolpix to bring out the red of this waitress’ hair.

Mr. Spicy

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I took this photograph in 2014 (I think), and this is the only cinnamon teal I’ve encountered. I was so stunned by the beauty of this bird that I named him Mr. Spicy. He perched on his rock and stared at me the entire time I visited his marsh.

Whatcom Falls Park

photo by Patricia Herlevi

The beauty of Whatcom Falls Park. I took this photograph in 2012 on my Sony Sure Shot camera (which I no longer have).

Everybody Bike tricycle relay race

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Everybody Bikes event from 2013 (or 2012) which featured city government employees racing tricycles in the parking lot of City Hall. I’m sure their thighs screamed at them later that day.


Railroad Ave 032

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Technically this is a bad photo, but I like it. It was one of those accident shots when I accidentally bumped my camera up against something–a happy accident that might have ended up in the delete bin due to my perfectionism.

1st snow 2012 050

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Someone took the time to make snow sculptures on the WWU campus.

cherry trees and water 003

photo by Patricia Herlevi

That’s not a burnt spot on the car, but dust in the lens of my old digital camera. That dust ruined many otherwise good photographs.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Word Press Photos

  1. About the orange car: It’s not a blemish – it’s a beauty mark. (Oh, mom used to say that trying to stop me from moaning – that glass half full thing. beauty marks, hmmm, wonder if those will ever return?)
    Love the photos- so different it’s difficult to pic a favorite…steps, blurs, red head or snow – you do a good job of capturing people’s expressions and attitude – not an easy thing to do.

    • I like the beauty mark metaphor. I used to curse that poor old hand-me-down camera with sand in the lens. It’s funny because I kind of miss it now. I learned digital photography on it.

      You don’t see many of those classic VW Bugs any longer. They’re cool to photograph, but smelly to ride in.

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