Intuitive Coaching 101–Art of Grounding


photo by Patricia Herlevi of a meadow that could disappear

Perhaps many of you have a negative view of the word “grounding” because it reminds you of your childhood when your parents grounded you. Sometimes I make that comparison myself. But grounding ourselves revolves around growing roots in physical reality so that we turn our dreams into reality, however, you define reality.

With the Saturn-Neptune square coming up later this month (around the US Thanksgiving holiday), we battle with physical reality verses spiritual reality. We find that it’s possible to over meditate just like we over medicate some times. However, as every Libra knows, balance is key. We manifest by wedding the spiritual realm to the physical one.

However, what we see when Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces reveals which side of the teeter totter we sit. If we focus too heavily on the spiritual realm, then we lose our grounding and block our first three chakras which help us live in the material realm. We space out, we lose our job, or we lose our home because we weren’t paying attention to the material world, which is where we reside, by the way.

On the other hand, if we focus too much on the material realm and ignore the calling of our spirit then we just manifest stress and are unable to appreciate what we already have in our lives. We strive and not thrive. We say that we have to do this and that to survive, but we’re well beyond the surviving and could spend more time conversing with the spirit guides.

But what usually happens and we’ve seen this with saints, is that someone immerses themselves in the material world, grows restless as their souls wake up and urge them to turn to the spirit realm. But then they immerse themselves with their whole hearts in the spirit realm and chastise themselves for having physical needs. To them, heaven on earth doesn’t involve earth at all. And you are free to take this route but don’t expect to manifest anything material.

Now if you live a cloistered life and your needs are taken care of as you pray and meditate all day, go for it. But even cloistered nuns and monks work the farm or engage in various crafts and chores to keep grounded. So that brings me to steps to staying grounded.

  • When you feel yourself spacing out, do chores around the house or yard
  • Do physical exercise such as riding a bike, jogging, or whatever physical exercise you prefer.
  • Garden or pull weeds
  • Take care of animals (dogs and horses will keep you grounded)
  • Go window shopping
  • Hang out with friends
  • Hang out with children
  • Buy groceries or visit an outdoor market

Feel free to add other grounding activities to this list. Some essential oils will help you stay grounded, especially the tree scents. Also working with gemstones (browns and reds) help ground us.

The point of this post focuses on the upcoming Saturn Neptune transit coming up the last week of November and first week of December (separates on December 4) and then we’ll revisit this transit in June, July, August and September of 2016. For more information, visit Whole Astrology.

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