Intuitive Coaching 101–Importance of Play (Let Your Hair Down)

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Here it is summer and I’m running myself ragged with work. Now, I don’t know if I have a problem with work ethics based on some childhood belief or if I’m just working to avoid healing those things I’ve been suppressing for years. I do know this, if I’m going through this crazy dance with work verses play, so are millions of others so this message coming through is for all of us.

We experience four distinct seasons, if not in temperature and weather, then in spirit. We begin with spring when we notice flowers blossoming around us, trees sprouting leaves, and warmth returning to the earth. We notice birds and animals busy starting families and the return of the insects. Now, for them winter life was about surviving or hibernating. Some humans use the winter time to rest and prepare for the harvesting season up ahead while other humans such as myself, work at planting seeds with a new business or writing a novel when the weather is not conducive to relaxing outdoors.

Spring is a time for planting new seeds, but it’s also a time to lighten up and put our faith in the seeds as they sprout and then grow later to blossom. For many of us, we shed the heavy clothing of winter, take care of our skin, lose a few pounds (some of you), get back into the exercise routine, eat lighter, and plan more outings that allows us to connect with nature. We enjoy the spring blossoms, eating the first berries and asparagus and getting out of the house to reconnect with the world. But spring still represents outer and inner work.

Summer for me was a time of family vacations, school vacation and going to the beach, at least when I was a child. When I worked 9 to 5 jobs in the past, summer represented a time of holidays and getting away from it all or hanging out with friends late into the night under starry skies. Summer usually represents a time of getting away, playing, hanging out on the shores of a beach or lake, exploring the world close by or far away. It’s a time of heading to the nearest outdoor music festival, making sure you have enough mosquito repellant and sunscreen so you don’t end up looking a lobster with welts.

Then autumn arrives and we make another transition that compares to death and transformation. During spring and autumn we see the greatest transformations happening in the natural world and in our mundane lives. We head back to work in certain professions and the kids head back to school. The days grow shorter and darker while leaves dry out and crash to the ground. We sense the days growing colder and we panic if we’ll have enough food or clothing or shelter to get us through the winter (which is in our ancestral emotional DNA). Then winter comes and everything goes dormant, at least after the holidays.

But let’s get back to summer for those of you in the northern hemisphere. Do you find yourself working on projects or balancing the books when the sun sparkles outside and you hear the children laughing as they play? Could those projects wait until the evening hours or after sundown? Do you long to visit the park, go for a hike, or dance but you refrain and tell yourself that you have bills to pay? This is what I do, but I’m willing to change this habit.

What if the Law of Attraction is real and when we enjoy ourselves with our soul leading the way, we manifest our desires effortlessly? And what if knowing this makes you want to kick yourself adding to even more self-punishment? Stop. Pause. Reflect. Ask yourself what is stopping you from enjoying yourself? Is it an old belief of your parents? Or is it you that is stopping you? Ultimately it is probably both things and when you know what your beliefs are, you can change them. This is what I’ve learned from Louise Hay, Esther Hicks and others.

However I’ve found that learning is one thing and doing it is another. So I’m going to get off my computer after I complete my astrology video for the next full moon and go out and enjoy myself. After all, it’s a holiday and my computer wants a rest too.

Check out my new site for Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living.and until next time, go outside and play.


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