Intuitive Coaching 101–The Art of Self-Appreciation

I see many hearts painted and chalked onto walkways in Bellingham.  Where my heart is? Photo by Patricia Herlevi

I see many hearts painted and chalked onto walkways in Bellingham. Where my heart is? Photo by Patricia Herlevi

While we often find self-effacing humor funny, for those of us who practice the Law of Attraction, we flirt with low-vibrational situations and people when we put ourselves down. As the planet shifts our consciousness, acts of self-appreciation play a crucial role.

Today, I came up with two exercises to help us along our path of self-appreciation. Think of it this way. If we don’t appreciate ourselves first, no one else will. And complaining or lamenting that no one appreciates us is irritating to others. No one appreciates a pity party coming on. Run for cover.

For the first exercise, I’m bringing out that movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Towards the end of the movie, the protagonist tells an angel that he was better off dead because he didn’t feel like he had made a difference. Talk about a pity party. Oh, woe is me. And then the protagonist experiences his community as if he never existed and learned all the ways (big and small) where he did make a difference in the lives of others.

So the exercise for you (if you want to do it), is to write a piece in your journal (we’re not talking Pulitzer Prize for literature here), reflecting on your your life in retrospect. So reflect on all the lives you touched now, in the past, and into the future. It’s best to approach this exercise with what would have happened if I hadn’t helped this or that person, wrote that article, attended that college, met the person you married, gave birth to children (for those of you who are or were parents).

What would have happened if you hadn’t rented or owned a particular home, lived in a particular community, and even went about your daily rituals touching the lives of people in small or seemingly insignificant ways? Do you see where this is heading? By the end of this exercise you will have a greater appreciation for yourself and you don’t even require your guardian angel (in search of his wings) to appear and show you your life movie.

I’m borrowing the second exercise from a Louise Hay documentary I watched yesterday (You Can Heal Your Life) in which a speaker in the documentary spoke about a man who came to him depressed so he asked the man if there was anyone he thought of helping that day. The man mentioned an elderly lady in his apartment building who had clutter in front her front door. So the man took a broom and swept up the clutter with the result of his depression lifting. When we help others from our hearts with no expectations of reciprocation, we appreciate ourselves.  By appreciating others we appreciate ourselves. We also develop confidence and compassion by helping others.

So those are two exercises if you choose to do them. If you have a tendency to help others more than paying attention to your own needs, then skip the second exercise and focus on the first one. If you’re the kind of person who puts other people last, then do the second exercise. This creates balance. The life flow opens up when we both give and receive equally.

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