Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Distractions that Block Higher Consciousness

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

As I was drifting off to sleep an idea popped in my head–write a post about distractions that block raising spiritual awareness. Since I felt exhausted at the time and preferred to keep my head on my pillow, I just let the thought drift away, but it remained. So here is my list. Take a look at see if any of the ten items on the list have held you hostage.

1. Spending time in front of the television set with the remote in your hand.

The problem with television and watching television shows online too is that television causes us to slow down our brainwaves until we’re in a trance state then sends other people’s stories into our subconscious.

Solution: Spend more time outdoors in a natural setting, or meditate instead of watching TV. Find out what stories are surfacing in your own mind.

2. Listening to pop music–This stuff is mind numbing anyway and choruses are basically repeated mantras. So if the chorus is about having a broken heart or some guy did some girl wrong, well, guess what you’re going to attract?

Solution: Find mantras with intention and purpose then sing those to counter act the mind numbing heartbreak song.

3. Too many to-do lists (I have this problem)–While we’re running around checking items off a list, we forget to breathe and live in the moment. We exhaust ourselves and don’t have time to meditate or even take a relaxing walk. We lose spaciousness which is a death blow to spiritual enlightenment.

Solution: Remind ourselves that Rome wasn’t built in a day or even two days, and if we find ourselves constantly out of breath (and we don’t suffer from asthma), then we have crammed too many obligations and activities into our lives. Ask yourself, why you can’t spend quiet time alone? Ask, “What am I so afraid of that I run away from silence?” The answer might surprise you.

4. Shopping and getting caught up in consumerism–It goes like this. I got the bicycle, now I have to buy the accessories, clothing, and shoes…Stop!

Solution: Make a list of your desires then divide the list into Needs and Desires. Then once you’ve done that ask yourself why you need or desire each item on the list. What is the emotional charge? What do you really desire?

5. Sugar–I fall prey to this one too. Eating sugar actually lowers the body’s frequency and causes addiction while lowering the blood sugar leading to a crash. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows this and anyone who has an interest in nutrition also knows this.

Solution: When you get a sugar craving drink carrot juice, eat almonds, or have some yogurt or a fruit smoothie sweetened with Stevia which doesn’t spike or lower the blood sugar. Then once the craving is satisfied ask yourself what you really crave, again, it’s emotion-based.

6. Caffeine (including chocolate)–This also makes us hyper and gives us frantic energy that lowers the body’s frequency. Besides, ever tried to meditate on caffeine?

Solution: Cut back on caffeine and find alternatives that create balance in the body. If you have balance in the body then you have balance in the mind.

7. Gossip–Nothing will lower your vibration faster than gossip followed by using profanity (either verbally or written).

You’ll never catch the Dalai Lama (I hope not anyway), gossiping and there’s a good reason for that. There isn’t  such thing as harmless gossip though I have heard some spiritual teachers say otherwise. The main problem with gossip is that we’re all connected and you just sent an arrow through the aura of the person who starred in your latest gossip. That will return to you. I know this is a hard habit to break because everyone does it.

Solution: Hold your tongue and imagine people saying nasty things about you behind your back. Most of us are hypocrites when it comes to gossip. We don’t like when it’s done to us, but boy can we sling the hash at someone else. But imagine what the world would be like if none of us participated or started gossip.

7. Using Profanity–Words are harmless right? Wrong.

Each word carries with it a vibration and every time we speak we emit vibrations into the world. But even when we write we send out vibrations too. If we desire to live in a peaceful world, peace begins with the words we choose.

Solution: Listen closely to how you use words to express yourself then consider the vibration you send out to the world. It comes back to you like a boomerang.

8. Obsessing about others or worrying about what others think.

We have no control over other people’s behavior and even ruthless dictators figured that one out. When we get in mind loops about what other people are doing or thinking, we give our power away. Instead of worrying about other people, check in with yourself. Ask, “What do I want to do now?” Then do it.

Solution: Focus on yourself and ask what you desire and then take the next step to fulfilling that desire.

9. Addictions of all kinds

This is the quickest way to remain at a low vibration and blame everyone else for our misery. We hear people lament, “It’s my mother’s fault I drink.” Or the person comes from an addictive family or has an addiction gene (a what?)

Solution: Find a rehab counselor or program then stick with it.

10. Over socializing

While it’s not healthy to spend all our time alone, it’s also not healthy to be constantly surrounded by people or an entourage. When we’re around others, we can fall into bad habits and we also absorb other people’s vibrations. We must clear that energy off us on a regular basis. That energy blocks chakras, causes us to fall deeper into addictions, and forgo our spiritual practices.

Solution: If you’re frightened of being alone, seek the help of a therapist, spiritual coach, or hypnotherapist to find the reason behind the fear. Then spend more time alone. You will never discover the authentic you gazing into other people’s eyes. Yes, other people are your mirror if you know how to speak the language of projections and disowned shadows, but these people can never replace contact with your Higher Self. You’ll never discover your Higher Self if you’re constantly hanging out with other people. Consequently, they also don’t discover their higher selves.

Yes, this list represents a heavy workload and some sacrifices. I’ve heard spiritual teachers say that only a small percentage of people on the planet even care about reaching states of higher consciousness or slipping into other dimensions. Channeled entities such as Kryon (Lee Carroll channel), says that if you’re tuning into his teachings then you are a Light Worker and an old soul. Why? Because the average person with his or her distractions could care less about old souls and it’s doubtful that they would just stumble upon Kryon while visiting YouTube. You won’t encounter anything that’s not matching in frequency.

I hope you find this list helpful.

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