Intuitive Coaching 101–Creating a Love List (What’s on it?)


Then the rain came, photo by Patricia Herlevi

Then the rain came, photo by Patricia Herlevi

Just like in the movie, The Sound of Music, when we’re blue, frightened, or restless, we too can list our favorite things. One of my favorite activities to do when I’m feeling out of sorts is to compile a list of things that I love–from the simple to the complex. I learned this trick from Intuitive Coach Sonia Choquette.  Fire you heart up with your love list.

The beauty of this practice focuses on the here and now. When you find yourself in the throes of darker emotions, first take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh or “ah”. Then say the first thing you love out loud. If love seems too strong then say out loud anything you appreciate in that moment.  When we’ve fallen into a dark mood, sometimes the only thing we can think of is that our hearts are beating or that sunlight filters through the lace curtains or of a kind word someone said to us earlier that week.

Even so, launch the list with one thing you love, then another thing you love will pop into your head, followed by another and another.  Soon you find yourself on a roll similar to Esther Hicks’ good feeling rampages.  Keep going with it.

Here’s my current love list:

Fair Trade dark chocolate

Garden variety roses

Lavender fragrance


Apples baking

Bread baking

Solo acoustic guitar played by a master

Children laughing

Learning something new

Discovering something new about myself

Shopping at thrift stores and finding jeans in my size

Getting my hair cut

Outdoor markets (farmers markets)


Watching foreign movies

Listening to a variety of types of music



Your list will include some of the same things and experiences that land on my list, but other things unique to you. It doesn’t help to write the list ahead of time, because it’s better to list the things you love in the moment. You can do this upon awakening each morning, before or after meditation, when you’re out walking or riding a bike, when you’re with friends or when you’re alone. In short, the love lists lift our spirits and raise our vibration.  Not bad for a simple exercise.

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  1. I also love Sonia’s expect great things journal-to write down all of the good things that happen to you and once you realize that they do happen, you begin to expect them.

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