Intuitive Coaching 101: Get creative

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I cringe every time someone tells me that they lack creativity.  First of all, this isn’t true because we all have creative abilities.  And two, this statement represents lack and limitations, which I found leads to more lack and limitations.  Yuck.

Let’s start with redefining creativity.  Every moment of the day we create the reality we experience or at least our perceptions of those realities.  We create with the words we speak and the thoughts we choose to think.  We also create when we bake bread, cook meals, set the table, clean the house, especially if we make our own natural cleaners.  We create when we make massage oils using essential oils or when we heal ourselves using natural remedies such as herbs.  We create when we plant and tend to a garden.  We create by just making a cup of tea.  Creating refers to making something that wasn’t there a few minutes ago.  No cup of tea, then voila, a cup of tea.  Oh, my dear, you just created something.

In fact, we can’t live without creating something, many somethings everyday.  We create on a subconscious level too as our bodies produce new cells and our hearts and brains create new life that springs from us.  We create when we journal, when we meditate, when we write letters, when we decorate a room in a house or a studio apartment.  We create grocery list and from the foods we buy, we create meals, but mostly we create our daily experiences by our frame of mind and love in our hearts.

Even non-artists benefit from Julia Cameron’s 12-week program, The Artist’s Way and other programs that foster creativity through everyday rituals.  This program works wonders for writer’s blocks since everyone writes three pages each morning upon waking up.  Cameron also recommends daily walks where we walk alone drinking the world around us while engaging in our senses.

For those of us who don’t have Picasso talent as a painter, we can still sketch and doodle for fun.  We can still play around with clay, splash a bit of colors in our homes, or arrange flowers for the kitchen table.  We can still bake cakes or bread, write old fashion letters to friends, take digital photographs or even make videos using Movie Maker on our computers (it’s real easy) or make vision boards for the type of life we would like to live.  Or visit a thrift store and put a new outfit together, even one that is out of character for you.

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

And if you are a professional artist, that’s fantastic.  Don’t forget to share your talents and works of art with the world instead of hiding them in a closet because of the perfection monster that showed up in your studio.  And just because you’ve mastered one art form doesn’t mean you can’t take workshops and classes to learn other types of art.  There’s always more to learn, to explore and to discover.  Learning new art forms or languages keeps us humble too and often I find humility is absent in the realm of fine and performing art.  And I know because I covered the arts as a journalist for 20+ years.

So get out those pastels or watercolors and head to a friend’s garden.  Or bake that gluten-free chocolate cake you’ve been itching to try.  Get creative and enjoy the empowerment and liberation that result.

I’m a self-taught astrologer for adults and children as well as, an intuitive coach for entrepreneurs and artists. With a background for three decades in the arts, I know every excuse that presents obstacles to creating masterpieces.  But the greatest masterpiece is your life and what you do with it.  Metaphysics for Everyday Living


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  1. Wise statement there at the top. “Creativity”, which occurs naturally in children, somewhere along the line becomes the great unobtainable mystery out of reach for most people – all lies. People must not fear failure and embrace creation of thoughts, items, even outdoor landscapes and backyards.

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