Intuitive Coaching 101–The Personal Diet (Forget the Fads & Follow Your Body’s Wisdom)

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I’m thin, but still concerned with my diet. Call me a health nut, a nutrition fanatic or a Food Nazi.  And what I’ve learned after looking into and trying out trendy diets is that the perfect diet doesn’t exist.  Your best dietitian is you and not the expert or the cookbook author.

This does not suggest that you not read up on the latest nutrition science

This also does not suggest you join a tribe of raw foods, vegan or Paleo eaters

It does require you listening to your body

Forget all the dietary dogma and rules; just eat foods that nourish your being

It does require using muscle testing or keeping a food journal

If you suffer from digestion problems (heartburn, bloating, gas, rashes, problems with bowels), see a doctor

Get tested for food allergies and intolerance, but don’t make this your story

Even if a type of food is poison to your body, it’s not the same for everyone

It’s possible to heal food addictions

Don’t turn food into enemies

Focus on healthy food for your body and get rid of the word “can’t”

I would go more in debt on this message, but I think you already know what to do.  Food exist on the planet to nourish and not entertain us.  Eating is a form of self-nurturing and nurturing others.  If we grow food with poisons then this is not nurturing to ourselves or the earth or any creature on the planet.  If we grow food in test tubes this also doesn’t nourish the earth or our bodies.

The best diets consists of whole foods grown organically or through permaculture practices.  And when it’s available buy locally-grown food. Cook from scratch (even busy people can do this) and cook with love.  Remember to bless food before sharing and eating it.  Whether you eat it raw, cooked or standing on your head doesn’t matter as much as the love that nourishes your body.  Then give back to the earth by composting food scraps.


3 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–The Personal Diet (Forget the Fads & Follow Your Body’s Wisdom)

  1. Oddly, I came to this advice the hard way. For many years I gave authority to cookbook authors and dietary experts while my stomach grumbled onward. Then one day, I realized that my body knows what’s best for it. I still like learning about nutrition and knowing what the chemistry is in different vegetables and fruits. And I do try out recipes in the various dietary cookbooks but I ignore the dogma now and eat some of the foods the experts tell me to avoid because my particular body likes those foods. Soy is an example.

    Asian people have eaten soy for centuries and experienced health benefits. I shun GMO soy though and only eat the organic kind. My doctor tells me that the link between soy estrogen and cancer is unfounded. Other research studies have proven the anti-soy scientists wrong. And yet, nutritionists are still spreading fearful messages about soy.

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