Intuitive Coaching 101–Don’t Complain, Manifest

Vision board for 5th novel (in-progress).

Vision board for 5th novel (in-progress).

It wasn’t that long ago that I complained, blamed and shamed until I discovered my abilities to manifest changes in my life.  I found it easy to blame the economy, tell myself that something I wanted costs too much, or throw my arms up in the air, shouting, “It’s no use. I’m too old.  It’s too hard.”  And yet, we all have the ability to manifest our desires, if only we stop the negative cycle of blame, shame and helplessness. 

So then why do we complain? Is it because we’re too lazy? Well, no, because most of us put effort into achieving our dreams, we just take the wrong route.  We have the ability to magnetically draw situations and people to us, but if we swim in the wrong frequencies then we repel our desires.  Then we complain because that’s easier than facing up to the fact that we possess power to co-create our circumstances.  And if our circumstances cause us discomfort then we take a look at how we show up as co-creators.

So what if something we desire seems out of reach today? Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it” when referring to a material object, say, “I can manifest that when the time and circumstances line up.”  Instead of saying, “I’ll never get that job.”  Pray that the best job for you manifest in the near future and it will.  But first you have to get on the right frequency of that perfect job and you can’t get there by frowning, complaining, and rehashing old realities.

Any of you reading this steeped in metaphysical studies already know these principles, but it’s easy to forget that we have the power to manifest anything despite our lowly circumstances.  What would happen if we taught the Law of Attraction principles to people suffering from disease or poverty? This reminds me of the saying by Jesus about giving people the ability to fish rather than just giving them fish.  Knowing how to manifest through using the Law of Attraction tools is giving power to the people.  And this isn’t just trendy new age mumbo jumbo.  Quantum physics which the Law of Attraction finds its roots is based in a reality.

So I’m going to leave you with five videos to get you started. I’m leaving “The Secret” out because I didn’t personally find the information helpful.  Some coaches even say the information was incomplete and left people wanting.

First let’s look at Abraham-Hicks.  Once considered too radical for Oprah’s television show, (but fine for her radio show), Esther and Jerry Hicks’ work channeling the cosmic entity Abraham is catching onto mainstream thanks to YouTube and best-selling books.  Feeling a low-vibration coming on? Watch one of the good feeling rampage videos.  Yes, it’s that simple.

Perhaps, you would rather follow the flow of synchronicity and have an interest in Post 2012 transformation on the planet.  Then for you, I recommend Lee Carroll channeling the cosmic entity Kryon.

Or perhaps you prefer a short video to uplift your spirits right away and expect miracles.

If you would like to understand the actual Laws of Attracting and focus on manifesting your heart’s desire then I recommend Sonia Choquette’s online courses and books.

How about learning how to use the power of words? Here is Sandra Anne Taylor and her twin sister Sharon Klingler.


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  1. Insightful post. Love that 3rd paragraph.
    (Have you considered applying for the Keen Effects grants? There is a connection to nature and human spirit – might awaken a few. Just take a look and think of possibilities. I think you could do some good works with one. A link on my blog if you can’t find it online)

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