Intuitive Coaching 101–Don’t Despair

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I’ve been there with my head in my hands on the brink of giving up hope and then a miracles occurs.  In his novel, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho introduces the spiritual theme that most people give up when they’re one step away from manifesting their dream.  Saint John of the Cross, who wrote about the Dark Night of the Soul (in fact he coined the phrase and concept), must have known about a new dawn on the horizon.

However, despair comes as a trickster and our egos love wallowing in despair.  We tell ourselves that our lives won’t get better and that we’ll just keep on repeating patterns, whether that’s an addiction or a cognitive distortion (such as “my life never works out.”)  And yet, I have discovered practices that lift us out of despair.  I’m including ten practices below and when despair comes knocking at your door, you’ll pull these practices out in your defense.

1. Abraham-Hicks Good Feeling Rampages–You can find numerous rampages on YouTube and most likely in the CDs that come with Abraham-Hicks books (Hay House).  If you choose not to purchase the books, try your local library which most likely has these popular books on the shelves.

2. Watch comedy (either a movie or sit-coms) and laugh your way out of despair.

3. Work with a life coach or a mentor who overcomes despair on a regular basis and can coach you through your episodes with it.

4. Listen to, dance or sing with favorite songs.

5. Get sidetracked.  Go for a walk, hang out in a park, get out your kayak, go for a jog, ride your bike, or travel to a place you haven’t been before.  Do whatever you can to get your mind moving in a positive direction.

6. Do something creative like bake bread or cookies, make jewelry, pottery, draw, play around with makeup or dress up for no reason.

7. Write in a journal, but write about something that brings you joy and not your reasons for despair.  I’m not against ranting in journals once in a while and I don’t believe in repressing emotions, but I also don’t believe in indulging in despair. So write about something that makes you happy and chase the blues away.

8. Instead of beating yourself up and telling yourself your life will never get better (a lie), practice self-care such as taking a warm bath, giving yourself or getting a massage, get your hair cut, try a new outfit, or cook yourself a healthy meal which you enjoy by candle light.

9. Go to a movie or a concert.

10. Call your friends and have a boys or girls night out, but no rehashing problems or drinking yourself into a hangover (in which you’ll wake up in deeper despair).

I’m an astrologer and intuitive coach.  Find out more at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.


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  1. Good post for this time of year. #5 redirect is excellent to jar people out of habitual negative thinking!
    With possible easing of restrictions with Cuba, I hope maybe the old old Lucy and Desi shows will reappear with all the Cuban references. Some of the vintage comedies were really fun.

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