Intuitive Coaching 101–Laugh a little, laugh a lot (watching humorous videos as therapy)


The holiday season is stressful for some folks and joyful for others.  When the Sun moves into Capricorn especially, many people’s thoughts revolve around doom and gloom.  So this holiday season bring in some humor.  Watch old sitcoms, funny movies, humorous animal YouTube videos, standup comedy or whatever you find amusing.  I’ll get you started with my ten favorite funny videos found on YouTube.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

1. Black Jeopardy skit from SNL

Okay, so some of you might find this skit racist, though I hope not.  First time I ran across the skit I started snorting I laughed so hard.  Though I do think only Americans will catch the subtleties of the humor.  So if you’re in Russia or Denmark watching this you might scratch your head and say, “I don’t get it.”

2. Dog You Shall Not Pass (Animal humor video)

What’s not to love about these funny animal videos.  Okay, so some of them are tasteless and some leave me shouting animal abuse.  But this cat-dog video cracks me up each time I watch it.  I’m also including (see number 3 below), the video where dogs act like humans.

3. Dogs that act human (Animal humor video)

4. Introduction for the Kenneth Branagh movie, Much Ado About Nothing

5. Orgasm in delicatessen scene from When Harry Met Sally

Well, perhaps you would enjoy this scene best if you come from either baby boomer or the X generations since this movie hails from the 1980s.  I love Meg Ryan’s older movies and I especially love her in this cinema classic.

6.A Christmas Story

This one comes from the hilarious A Christmas Story (The entire movie is hysterical and biting).

7. Scene from My Fat Greek Wedding

I encourage you to watch or watch this movie again.  I remember staying away from it for as long as possible, then I succumbed to its charms and humor.  What a wacked family!

8. Frasier (any episode)

I used to watch this show regularly when it first aired, then I gave up watching television all together. I rediscovered episodes on YouTube and have laughed myself silly watching the reruns.  I don’t really have any particular episode I find funnier than the others since the writing is that good.  Also may Kelsey Grammer rest in peace.

9. Patch Adams (clown scene)

What a loss! May Robin Williams also rest in peace and good humor.  Here’s a sad-happy scene from the movie Patch Adams.  Actually, not sure about the humor in the scene since tears stray from my eyes when I watch it.  But let’s take a moment to honor this wonderful comedian who brought joy into so many people’s lives even when he felt despair.

10. Nipple-Christmas Card episode of The Seinfeld Show

This is classic Seinfeld and believe me it was hard to choose only one scene/episode from this show.  I chose this one because of the holiday humor. Imagine if this happened to you.

Have a blessed holiday season filled with jolly laughter.  Ho, ho, ho!


4 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–Laugh a little, laugh a lot (watching humorous videos as therapy)

  1. I always watch When Harry Met Sally at this time of year because it paints a beautiful New York City, with autumn leaves and cafes on the Upper West Side. It’s a New York I believe in. I’m sure it would be considered cooler for me to see New York the way Martin Scorcese or Woody Allen does; but the New York I love is the Meg Ryan/Nora Ephron version.

  2. Hi Paul,

    These are good points. What a wonderful idea to watch Harry Met Sally in the autumn or winter. I also prefer the Ryan/Ephron NYC to Woody Allen and Martin Scorcese. I adore Meg Ryan.

  3. OH so many giggles offered here. Frasier is always wonderful. “A Christmas Story” is classic seasonal laugh ( made even more hilarious as my husband’s family used to eat Chinese Food at Christmas after his mom died…and once as they were dragging annoying sister #2 who was complaining up the steps to the door, she turned and threw up on the threshold…no on will ever let her forget it.
    Thanks for the laughs. Merry Merry and jingle onward!

  4. Glad you enjoy the compilation of hilarious videos, PM. What is it about vomiting in public that people don’t allow us to forget. Silly human hero, says the dogs.

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