Intuitive Coaching 101–10 More Ego Traps

220px-Golden_Eagle_in_flight_-_5With Mars in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto and squaring Uranus in Aries, we experience plenty of ego traps  around ambition, control and manipulation of others.  Besides that, here are 10 ego traps to stay alert at all times.

1. It’s not me, it’s you.

Projections in the form of cinema or slideshows provide us hours of entertainment.  But ego projections bring us cheap drama, miscommunication and denial of one’s shadow play in the world.  The reality check focuses on ourselves instead of the other person who we scapegoat.  Turn your lens on to your own ego and spiritual requirements instead of projecting your personality flaws on other people.  No one enjoys this drama.

2. If I can control others I find peace. 

This is another flawed premise which is mentioned in the Abraham-Hicks teachings.  Controlling others leads to people rebelling against us and sometimes they lash out with violence.  Don’t go there.  Recognize that a need to control or manipulate finds its roots in fear.  Sort through then release your fears using energy work, affirmations or sound healing.

3. Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

Why would we listen to someone lacking integrity?  Yet we see this often with politics and in the corporate world.  We see children rebelling against parents who don’t practice what they preach.  “Because I told you so” does not hold water and children lose respect for adults who act this way.  I lose respect for people who act this way.  Stop it.

4. I know everything already so I don’t have to listen to you.  I already have all the answers.

Yeah, right.  None of us has all the answers which is why we exist on a planet with 7 billion other humans.  Learn from diversity and keep an open mind.  Walk in someone else’ shoes or at least unclog your ears and listen for once.  You don’t know everything.

5. Us verses them which leads to self-righteous behavior.

We run into this scenario everyday in ourselves and in others so I’ll refrain from hammering the point.

6. My way or the highway.

This one has heavy Mars energy attached to it.  People erect walls of resistance while constantly arguing with everything we offer.  You can’t have a conversation with these folks.  Best to walk away and find more agreeable playmates.

7. I’ll make you.

This behavior shows up with bullies and there’s also the defiant “Make me.”

8. I do so much for you and you fail to acknowledge or validate all I do for you.

Here’s another flawed premise where the ego acts as if it performs a charitable act.  However, watch for this trap because it shows up in well-meaning folks doing meaningful work.  Don’t serve humanity or the planet so you attract attention.  Just do the work out of love without expecting any rewards.  Remember as we give we also receive love.

9. Keeping score of both good and bad things others do to or for you.

This ego trap annoys me to no end.  These watchful folks record your every move and save the information to take into battle.  This dovetails with item #9 in which the person also keeps score of their kind deeds they’ve done for you.  Instead of doing these things out of love or just for the sake of sharing, they attach strings.  And yes, they pull on those strings at a later opportunity leading to trust issues.

10. Look at what a good person I am.

This one falls under Neptune-Mars and has passive-aggressive tendencies.  These folks do kind deeds as a means to get attention from others. It reminds me of the Joan Crawford character in “Mommy Dearest” adopting two children then having the children give their Christmas gifts away as a publicity stunt.  Enough already.  Why do you have to prove your goodness when God already made us perfect? Align with the Source and fill your cup that way rather than seek the approval of others, which is flaky at best.

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