Intuitive Coach 101–Make Your Own Online Vision Board

I spent two months watching other people’s vision boards on YouTube only to manifest other people’s dreams.  After searching on YouTube for a vision board that matched my desires, I decided to  make my own using photographs I took in Bellingham.  

First decide what you wish to manifest.  Then take your digital camera or phone and take photograph of images that match your heart’s desire you choose to manifest.

Next, load the images onto your film making program that comes with your computer (most of them have this software).  You can either include affirmations (I recommend this) with the photographs or create a photo montage.  You can also adjust the speed of the photos in your electronic slide show/video using the editing features on your movie making program.

Next step, add a music file on your computer (public domain only unless you plan on paying royalties) or do as I do and use the free music on YouTube later.

After you edit your online vision board video, upload it on YouTube.  If you want others to watch it, then select public mode or if it is just for your use, select the private mode.  Make sure you enter your e-mail address so you can view your vision board.

Voila! You’ve completed your vision board.

While you can definitely stick with the paper versions which you hang on your walls or hide away for a few months, I recommend also making the online video boards.  Adding music speeds up the manifesting process, but make sure you choose uplifting music and pay attention to the text if you choose music with words.  I find that these boards are literal and we manifest quickly using them.  However, the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for” applies here.

Off you go to make your vision boards.  In the meantime, here are a few samples I made for myself.  My desire is to manifest an American Craftsman home (to rent or even to buy).  I prefer to live in a “green” community with friendly neighbors who care about the environment and connecting to their community.  So these boards work for like minded people with similar aspirations.  Oddly, enough after watching the YouTube video boards with mansions in them, I actually keep seeing those around.  Yet, I have no desire to live in that type of home which is why I made my own vision boards.

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