Intuitive Coaching 101–Laugh Your Way through Challenges


Laughter dissolves darkness and tension.  Learning to laugh through challenges allows us to conquer our inner demons (doubts, worries, fears, limitations), but first we require prompts in the way of funny books, amusing movies or even crazy animals on YouTube.

One of the best way to clear tensions out of a space whether that’s inner space or the atmosphere surrounding us is to laugh.  I’m not talking about laughter brought on by sinister or sarcastic thoughts nor am I talking about saccharine sentiments from family-friendly television shows (though this works for some people).  Hearty laughter or belly laughs work best.  Some people even lead laughing groups and clubs.

If you find yourself in a funk watch the following videos or grab your favorite romantic comedy.  You can also get together with your best buddies and share funny stories until you laugh yourself silly.  Be like the child, let the cynicism and darkness dissolve and find your inner child through playful laughter.

Refrain from cutting other people down or telling off-color jokes that hurt others’ feelings.  Though we don’t have to worry about whether or not we are politically correct either.  Since we often take politically correctness to extremes.  Below you will find a starter kit to get you laughing.  Having suffered from depression in the past, I know that laughter offers a powerful healing experience.  Even just a chuckle is a nudge in the right direction.

Although the Seinfeld show was far from political correctness, it is funny.

Here’s a scene from the “puffy shirt” episode:

Here’s a scene from the movie “French Kiss” (Dubbed in a Scandinavian language)

Here’s a scene from the Mary Tyler Moore Show

And if you’re looking for new age humor, here’s an Abraham/Hicks video on health and well-being

Finally, here is a favorite scene from “Patch Adams” starring Robin Williams

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