Intuitive Coaching 101–Things I Know about Indigos

520px-RIAN_archive_35172_Powers_Wears_Special_Pressure_SuitI am surprised how many people still lack an awareness of Indigo and Crystal Children because these starseeds have come to the planet in droves if not waves.  If the general populace knew more about Indigo Children (many are adults) they would understand the meaning behind such conditions as autism, ADHD and student dropout rates as well as emerging trends around sustainable life practices.

The good news about Indigo Children in particular is that they came to the planet to usher in a time of change.  The bad news revolves around ego and Indigo Children believing that they are somehow separate from the rest of humanity and that they are super special beings.  The lesson behind all of this revolves around cooperation and Unity Consciousness.  Singling ourselves out and playing the us verses them game sabotages the true mission of Indigo Children.

However having said that, we’re all dealing with ego issues. And it’s so easy to get caught up in “I’m not from this planet anyway” game.  The problem with this game is that some Indigo Children mess their lives up with recreational drugs or other types of escapism.  They form their own tribes while acting clannish and superior to others because they don’t speak the same language of arrogance and rebellion.  Yet, the warrior side of an Indigo bodes much better in improving life on the planet by using their genius minds to inspire others to live outside of the proverbial box.

Sadly, I’ve encountered Indigo Children who either join a tribe of like-minded people while judging everyone else as elite or part of a system or who isolate themselves while wallowing in mental illnesses.  This is not a judgement but an observation.  For those of you in either of these scenarios find a qualified therapist or life coach to get you out of your shell or small-mindedness.  You came to this planet to serve during the Grand Shift and not wade in the pool of arrogance.  Everyone has a purpose on this planet, not just you.  We all have a light to shine here and if we consider how many billions of years of this planet’s existence, we reach the conclusion that we are all Starseeds.

426px-1970sgirl2Yes, I know that some of us had horrendous childhoods. I hear our loneliness and sense of alienation.  I have witnessed through my own life that feeling of not belonging anywhere, but that is just an illusion.  And it is a grand illusion sadly promoted by new age and metaphysical teachers.  And I realize it’s hard to swallow our Indigo pride since we see ourselves as warriors with a cause, but often our causes come off as judgmental and self-righteous hatred and intolerance.

We did not arrive on this planet to fight against, but to inspire love through healing ourselves.  We did not arrive here to keep up with the Jones and live a high and grand consumer lifestyle, but neither did we arrive here to judge others for doing that.  Awaken the love inside you and shine your light on the planet. Give up your battles with the world by surrendering your inner wards to the Divine.  Re-connect with the unconditional-loving Mother-Father God who shines a light on everyone.  Give up this idea that you are special and different therefore superior to others who you felt rejected you.  Give up your agenda for revenge on people who couldn’t understand you or who made fun of you.  Give up this idea that you are a victim abandoned by God and tossed on an uninhabitable planet.  Give up this concept that you came to save the planet from destruction for the planet is perfectly capable of saving herself.

I call to you my fellow Indigo Children to heal your wounded hearts and reach out to the world with your genius mind and compassionate heart.  Get ready to serve in a big way by serving in smaller ways first.  Humble your ego and understand that every experience leads to greater wisdom.  Give up this idea that you know what’s best from the world and stop acting like a smug know-it-all.  Stop approaching spiritual teachers for validation of your gifts and psychic abilities and stop showing off.  Get real.  Know that everyone has a special origin just like you.  We are all children of the same Universal Force and only different colored threads and designs in a greater fabric.

Yes, you matter. Yes, you are loved. Yes, you can feel at home on planet Earth.  Yes, you came to usher a new era, but this doesn’t make you more special than anyone else.  Yes, you have amazing gifts.  Yes, many spiritual teachers celebrate you in theory and in text.  But please stop buying into anything that causes you to feel smug or superior to others.  If you feel that way then seek healing of your soul for it is your wounds that cause you to think and feel in those terms.  Heal yourself but first humble yourself and feel the breadth of humanity, which never excluded you.  That was just an illusion you entertained based on your wounded ego.

I am an intuitive coach residing in Bellingham, Washington.  Sign up for a session at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.


2 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–Things I Know about Indigos

  1. There’s always those who are smarter than you and always those who are not as capable. Smug is a drug. Everyone needs to get enough sleep and spend some time dancing and singing in the sun. And try to be nice.
    But stuff gets lost among the noise and ego?
    Hope they listen

  2. It must be a challenge to be smarter than the average person and yet, is this an excuse for smugness? So I agree with you that smug is a drug, lol. I like the part about singing in the sun.

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