Intuitive Coaching 101–Top Ten YouTube Energy Healers (in my opinion)

This post is old and I have evolved past the teachers and understanding that is related here. Still, during this period in my life, I turned to these teachers’ videos for help.

Whoever thought I would turn to YouTube for energy healing? Yet, I have found a wealth of energy healers through this channel, using discernment of course.  I recommend the following healers who I have tested out and experienced results.

As many of us go through transitions and our way to awakening, energy healing and clearing are essential practices.  However, as some of you go through transitions, you might lack the financial resources at this time to pursue a local in-person healer.  For you, many light workers have uploaded videos out of the generosity of their hearts.

I advise you to download and listen to those videos then when you get the financial resources make donations to the blogs or websites of the healers who so generously support your growth and the world’s spiritual expansion.  I am guided at this time to share these resources with you as  my way of showing gratitude to the YouTube healers.  I have also carefully selected them using my discernment and gut instincts.   I have also encountered some dubious energy or frequency videos along the way.

Look for integrity and follow your intuition when choosing energy healers.  Some may have good intentions but hide ego issues underneath.  I prefer Bill Austin’s approach where he clears his ego issues and energies before delivering his energetic transmissions.  Also know that anyone can learn Reiki but that doesn’t mean that everyone uses this energy healing with true love and compassion.  Remember as humans we have our ego issues and these can get in the way of healing others.

Finally, the energy healer must set the intention to keep their healing videos pure of the energies of others visiting and downloading the videos.  They usually do this by calling in higher powers such as Archangel Michael to shield and protect their creations. Many of these videos were guided by Archangel Michael and other high level entities coming from unconditional love.  However, I’m prone to make mistakes too so if any of these videos feel uncomfortable to you or you experience headaches or dizziness, stop the download and clear the energies.  It is my hope that you find solace from the Top Ten YouTube Healers.

1. Ki Kaz–I don’t know the story behind this energy healer, but I believe he is a musician and sound healer.  If you look up his YouTube channel profile you can learn more about him.  Personally, I have experienced pleasant results using his clearing videos and fast results.  However, I haven’t watched or downloaded all of his videos and a few seemed questionable to me so I skipped those.

2. Susan Wilbanks–A Reiki Master with a gentle approach.  Her music is thoughtful and beautiful.

3. Lourdes–Another gentle soul whose Reiki healings bring quick results.

4. Sabra Sirena–I especially have enjoyed her chakra clearings with music. Consider buying her recording of Reiki songs.  Her artistry is the best among the list here.

5. Cari Murphy–I have mentioned Cari Murphy previously in my posts.  I love and adore this healer who begun her energy healing path after experiencing a near death in 1997. Also check out her online The Cari Murphy Show where she interviews international healers and authors.

6. Rudy Hunter--I discovered this healer via synchronicity.  This is a radio interview with energy healing exercises.  These tools work.

7. Abraham/Esther Hicks–I toyed with Law of Attraction not quite believing in it until I encountered Esther Hicks and her Abraham collective she channels.  Download one of her good feeling rampages or learn about the vortex and filling in the grid.  Abraham will change your life.  I guarantee it.

8. Carol Tuttle–If you want to clear and learn about chakras, this is your woman.

9. Bill Austin--I think I had listened to interviews with this healer and teacher in the past.  At first, I was turned off by his voice which seemed to lack confidence.  But then I gave this healer a chance and found his videos quite useful and powerful.  Never judge a healer by his or her voice.

10. Dr. Dain Heer–I have encountered this healer several times and I find his work powerful.  He simplifies complex concepts and introduces new clearing tools.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach who works with transformational tools such as Law of Attraction and quantum physic concepts.  Sign up for a session at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful list! I know I can trust it, because of the 10, I rely on 3 of them EVERY day for profound results! It’s good to know about the others! Thank you. 🙂

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