Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Fears


What’s your biggest fear? What fear keeps you living in denial? When you don’t face your fears head on, you end up living a slow death. Last night I sat on a porch shivering not knowing where I was going to sleep. Fortunately, I had a couch to sleep on for one more night, but part of me knew it was time to move on from one safe place to another.

Is you biggest fear getting a life-threatening disease? Is your biggest fear homelessness or failure?Is your biggest fear your spouse leaving you? Is your biggest fear sudden death of a loved one? If you suppress this fear, drown it in an addiction or cover your ears and sing “la, la, la,” the Universe will bring circumstances into your life that force you to face your fear in one way or another.  So you might as well, bring up those fears and place them on the table.

For years, I have suppressed a fear of homelessness.  So I moved into inadequate housing in some cases because I told myself it was better than the alternative.  And when I saw people mirroring my fear to me such as actual homeless people, I would judge them in some way or think that they had a ton of resources to help them so that I could justify looking the other way.  While I consider myself between homes and not homeless, I now have deep compassion for people struggling on the edge.  After all, most people are one paycheck away from the street.

While I know I won’t end up on the street, a part of me has grown more realistic and open to ways to improve my life that I shut out previously.  For instance, my housing requirements are now less rigid. I find that I’m more resourceful and bold, asking others to step up to the plate.  If people play games with me, I no longer put up with them or their nonsense.  I walk away knowing that the Universe has something better in store for me.  I also decided that I will no longer carry other people’s fears or burdens for they are not mine to carry.  Just thinking that I feel lighter and liberated.

I’m unable to articulate the growth I have experienced in the past 30 days because it’s off the charts.  However, when you face your fears you open up new channels for abundance, wealth and love to flow through.  And everyone must face their biggest fears now.  You can do this with help from a therapist or energy healer.  You can do this with energy healing videos or DVDs or your favorite spiritual book.  As you face your fears, momentum builds and your life ascends to the next level.  Don’t allow your fears to hold you back from your cosmic birthright.  You came here to conquer fears which keep you trapped in the third dimension.  And in fact, you won’t ascend until you conquer your fears.  The Universe loves you and wants you to conquer fears with love.  And when your biggest fear stares you in the face, know that you are not a victim unless you choose that route.  Change your perception and change your life.  As you take steps towards taming your fears, helpers appear along your path.  Beauty shows up in unlikely places and you experience true grace in your life.

I am an intuitive coach who has experienced challenges first hand.  I am also an astrologer practicing in Bellingham, Washington. Go to Metaphysics for Everyday Living.


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  1. Adventure is a good descriptive. In the hero’s journey, the hero always faces and conquers his fears. Maybe this is the reason we love those hero stories.

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