Intuitive Coaching 101–True Grit & Leaps of Faith

Archangel Gabriel akin to Mercury

Archangel Gabriel akin to Mercury

A group of souls, including me were recently called upon to shift energy around poverty consciousness and feeling stuck by our own choices.  Since I’m not able to do this work alone (none of us can), in a moment, I’ll share ways you can support me in this process.  I hope you’ll take up the gauntlet.

Q: Now, you ask, why should I support you when I have my own stuff to deal with?

A: We are all One in Unity Consciousness and when you support others, you support yourself.  You reap rewards from what you give and this grows into a cycle of giving and receiving.  And as I ask you (collective) for support, my energy blesses you so that you have the courage and conviction to let go of everything that no longer serves you.  If I succeed in my quest then inspire others to take leaps of faith.

The planet energy feels stuck at the moment because too many of you chose to remain stuck in suffering instead of liberating yourselves.  I started from a place of poverty and I have chosen to shift into a place of abundance and prosperity.  Granted, I don’t face a lot of the barriers others (less fortunate) face, but I also don’t have the necessary tools to overcome those obstacles as those folks do.  Yes, that’s right, we all have the inner resources to shift how we and others live on the planet.

After I took a leap of faith on August 11 and gave notice to move out of an apartment that has caused harm to my physical and emotional being, some people have sent me words of encouragement.  And others have related their own stories of where they feel stuck and trapped in their lives.  They hunger for stories of people taking leaps and landing on their feet. 

Q: What can I offer to this process, if I feel I don’t have any money or resources?

A: It’s true I certainly could use cash donations, but I also for people in my city, could use help moving, securing a new home that is healthy for me, help with cleaning and I certainly could use the support coming from prayer, healing and meditation circles.  Pray that I heal my anxiety and muster the courage to succeed.  Pray for my victory which shifts consciousness for everyone on the planet.  I don’t say that out of arrogance, but as each of us takes a leap of faith, we shift consciousness. The problem is too many people are choosing to freeze instead of leap.  This causes the energy on the planet to stagnate which isn’t healthy for anyone.

Q: Why do you think you’re among the shifters of poverty consciousness on the planet?

A: Because I’ve been shifting this energy which came down to me through past lives and my ancestors for decades now and I have reached the final phase of the shift.  Because I have lived in squalor and I have experienced expansiveness too and because I have sacrificed living in the mainstream so that I could do this spiritual work on my and your behalf.  And I believe that all Light Workers, including me, deserve support in the beautiful work we have up until this point delivered to the planet freely.  Yes, we have also charged for some services, but behind the scenes, we have joined sound healing groups, drum circles, group and international prayers and used our energy healing skills to shift energy. And we never charged a dime for any of this.  Your lives have been better off because of this invisible work.  Believe me, life on the planet could have been 100 times more devastating that it seems at the moment.

Q: Why do I feel angry about your request for support?

A: Because you are still living in poverty consciousness and believing in patriarchal competition.  You still believe that more for someone else is less for you when the opposite is true.

As I’m going through my own process, I am donating items to charity and still sending out healing energy as I shift my own energy.  Your help is not a freebie for me at the expense of others.  When you give from your heart, your heart expands and so does your energy field. This brings healing to you.

If you feel angry, fine.  Explore that anger and see where it comes up against your shadow or poverty/scarcity beliefs.  The more anger you feel, the better, because you have busted through the crusty layer and healing is imminent.

So I ask you to help me meet a one and half week challenge of relocating into a new home in Bellingham, Washington. I prefer to rent out a suite in a beautiful home owned by a wealthy and sustainable philanthropist or to move into a shared house of healers (3 at the most).  I am starting anew so you can lend your support in the following ways, whatever works for you, whatever is in your comfort level.  Remember we’re all at different stages of spiritual development.  I welcome all and any support.

  • Affirmative prayers, sound healing, reiki and other positive energy vibration that brings me courage, resources and the support required to make this transition.
  • For local folks, driving me to the Re-Store to drop off old furniture and throw rugs.
  • For local folks, someone with a powerful vacuum cleaner (I don’t own one) with a hepa filter to help me vacuum dust in the apartment I’m vacating.
  • For local folks, help with light cleaning.
  • For local folks, help with moving boxes of books, kitchen ware, compact disks, and a futon and book case. I already have one person who offered to help out, but two more would, especially strong men would be helpful.
  • Used furniture in good shape (no mold or mildew or strange smells) for after I move into my new space, unless it is already furnished.
  • A rental offering of a suite (2 rooms and a bathroom) and shared use of a kitchen and laundry facilities in a beautiful and healthy home for 6 months to a year.
  • Pay Pal donations to help with moving costs and other items required for new space.  Go to or donate through Pay Pal using
  • If you have something not on this list to offer, please get in touch with me.

I know I can meet this challenge with your support.  I feel strongly that this is my destiny and everything I’ve lived through up until this point has lead me in this direction.  Together, we can meet this challenge and experience Victory.  Victory for anyone is victory for everyone.  We are all connected.

Given the levels of humanity, some of you will do nothing and ignore my request.  Others will choose to do something then freeze instead of moving forward, while others will also take a leap of faith in giving me their support.  Ask yourself, how far do you desire to expand your consciousness? Then make your choice from that place.

Thank you and Namaste.

You can reach me through wholemusicexp at