Intuitive Coaching 101–Slaying the Dragon


We embark on a quest with a concrete map in our hands, then we run into the mote guarded by a fierce dragon.  For anyone on a true spiritual path knows that the experience is not all rainbow light and moonbeams and sometimes life circumstances force us to whip out the sword of truth.

Actually, the image of slaying a dragon with a severed head and blood pouring out like a river, does not appeal to me.  What if instead, we chose a kinder and gentler approach such as taming the dragon which represents ego?  The fiercest enemy we face stares back at us from a bathroom mirror.  And even then, the ego represents those wounded and hidden places in our subconscious minds.  We act out the way we do simply because we feel hurt by others, if not in the present then definitely in the past.  Fear of the unknown causes us to act cruelly towards ourselves and others.  Everyone has a dragon deep inside him or her.  No exceptions. We all possess wounded places, we all have grievances to heal and to learn the art of forgiveness.

Even famous spiritual teachers we admire deal with this stuff in private. They go on stage and speak their hearts because they act as our messengers, but teachers suffer too.  Some teachers share their suffering with students while others choose for whatever reason to focus on the now and let the past go while they work on their stuff  in private.  No way is the right way and some people find teachers who share humble and wise.  Just don’t share too much of this stuff because then we all get stuck in it leading to depression and entrapment.

220px-HildegardHowever, my focus for this post revolves around taming and aligning the ego with spirit.  First, we must acknowledge when our egos act up.  Easier said than done.  We know when the ego rears its head when we feel defensive, anxious, manipulative, controlling (micro managing everyone) or judgmental.  In fact, the ego uses judgment of others as a way to prevent personal spiritual development.  As long as we focus on the problems of others, we excuse ourselves from digging deeper into our own psyches.  Frankly, by ignoring our own issues and defense mechanisms, we never grow spiritually.  This is fine for the wounded ego.

Second, instead of attacking ourselves or others or blaming the outer world for our suffering, follow the ego to the wounds.  Shine light on the wounds.  This means that we swallow our pride and humbly approach healing professionals who assist us with the healing process.  We could also use reiki and frequency videos on YouTube to activate clearing, but expect more darkness to surface so we can shine light upon it.

I’ll give you an example from my own life.  Around the time of the last Full Moon, I gave notice to move out of my apartment.  I never enjoyed living here and I complained/ranted about the apartment to anyone with an open ear to listen (poor folks).  Indirectly I spread despair in the world by not facing my wounded ego issues.  So through synchronicity, I found the frequency and reiki videos on YouTube along with other clearing tools.  When I first started using the videos I felt lighter and even buzzed.  Then the wounds surfaced causing me to plummet into depression and experience anxiety.  I even experienced a brief meltdown where I sobbed angrily and felt like punching my pillows.  So then I returned to the videos for another round and now I feel more hopeful.  Why? Because I faced my issues head on.  You can do this too and experience liberation.

Third, look at the places you feel stuck or trapped in your life.  On a piece of paper write down all your excuses for not changing your situation.  Now, remember those are just excuses and you have the power right now to take your first step to change.  That most likely involves a leap of faith, but do it.  We serve no one when we stick it out in insufferable situations especially if hostility or abuse are involved.  Complaining never solves a problem, ever.  Sure you can rant to your therapist, but then after you finish your rant, listen to the therapist’s advice with an open mind and willingness to take the next right step.  Make sure you’re not staying stuck because you enjoy the drama.  Believe it when I tell you, the rest of us don’t enjoy the drama which is usually in the form of “he said, she said.”  Stop it.

Fourth, do the clearing exercises and be willing to gaze at what comes up in meditations and energy work.  Follow the thread back as far as it goes and any belief systems attached to it.  Then let that stuff go.  Host a ceremony if you must or just use Emotional Freedom Technique or another energy clearing tool. 

By following the above four steps and not allowing yourself to stay at the pity party hotel, you make inroads on your spiritual path and climb the mountain to enlightenment.  Don’t run away or escape into an addiction (get help for those too).  Grab your sword of truth and ruthlessly clear away beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you.  Don’t kill the ego, but heal him or her so that ego can align with Spirit.  Ego just wants to come home.  And what if we made friends instead of slaying the proverbial dragon? Think how well this creature could and would protect us if we just lower our defenses and trust in LOVE.

Love is the greatest healer of all.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach for creatives located in Bellingham, Washington.  I give in-person and long-distance sessions.  Sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.