Intuitive Coaching 101–Consistent Inspired Action

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Consistency is key when making any life changes.  Whether that involves changing one’s diet or adopting positive thinking, practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.

First, we must tear down old structure by clearing/removing old beliefs, patterns, and stuck emotions.  And even this represents a journey more than a one-time process.  For instance, don’t stop with one session of Emotional Freedom Technique or Access Consciousness, keep going as new layers of beliefs surface for removal.

Second, we build new structure to support our new beliefs.  So let’s take the change of diet as an example.  Clear out the cupboards of old foods no longer permitted in the diet.  Buy glass bulk bin containers and fill with whole grains, whole grain pasta, beans, whole flours and spices.

Clear out the fridge of expired foods and unhealthy condiments and replace with fresh organic vegetables, organic condiments with low or no sugar as well as, homemade dressings and sauces.

Toss out old recipe books with unhealthy cuisine and replace with new cookbooks that are gluten-free, low or no sugar and involve cooking with whole foods.  So now we have new structure to support the dietary changes.

Third, be patient with the new changes.  Know that changes take time to implement completely and when we mess up, we just start again.  Let’s not beat ourselves up if we say something negative when we vowed to speak more positively or if we slipped up and ate sugar when we vowed to eliminate sugar from our diet.

Finally, pick a time of day for meditation if your goal is for peace of mind and stick with this time of day everyday, no excuses.  If this particular time does not work out, pick another time and stick with that.  Ignore excuses and sit down to meditate. With practice the meditation grows deeper.

For the new diet, create a menu for the week and a time for every meal and stick with it.  Best day to create the week’s menu is on a Sunday morning or Saturday evening before shopping for groceries.  Make a list of ingredients and cook most of the food over the weekend, if this saves you time on weekdays.

Make sure that the food you cook is delicious and includes some of your favorite ingredients otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re punishing yourself and the diet won’t last.  Don’t be afraid to add avocado or nuts which represent healthy fats.  And I have also read that whole yogurt is healthier for our bodies than fat-free or low-fat yogurt.  The body is more able to absorb calcium and other minerals from the regular yogurt.

I’ll end with no change lasts unless we diligently apply the effort.  Each change we vow to make happens moment by moment; day by day.  Building new structure and changing old habits takes time and patience with ourselves and others.  When we feel that other people block our change, understand that the block is actually internal with our egos projecting obstacles on other people or circumstances.

If this is the case, then go back to the clearing exercises.  Try Reiki music videos on YouTube or try out the brain frequency videos for motivation.  Granted, when we feel depressed or anxious, even low levels of depression and anxiety we are less likely to stick to changes we implement in our lives.  So deal with the subconscious stuff first and then bring on the changes.

You can do this. Change is always possible in each moment.  I realize that telling you to change your thoughts feels like someone dumping a ton of bricks on your head.  However, we have access to many spiritual and metaphysical tools these days to assist us with these changes.  I’m in the process of making changes so I’m not just making up the information on this blog for the heck of it.  I know this information works because I’ve tried it and I’ve watched my life transform from intense suffering to allowing joy to enter my life.

Mantra for the day: My life gets better and better everyday.

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