Intuitive Coaching 101–Join a Sound Circle

220px-7-main-Chakras-illustrated-by-Gil-DekelFor me the week started out tense and I found myself battling with inner gremlins.  So I headed over to YouTube to get a music fix.  I tried out both reiki and frequency videos which balanced my moods.  Then last night I joined a sound healing circle which left me soaring like an eagle over a mountain.

First let’s bunk the myth that only musicians, music therapist, professional sound healers and master drummers can join a sound circle.  If you find the right group of people (I refer to them as a soul tribe), you can check your ego at the door and play with the energetic field.

At the circle I attended last night, the facilitators asked us to introduce ourselves and place in our intentions in the circle.  Most of the attendees mentioned that they felt nervous but excited. Include me in this group.  Imagine adult children in a sandbox filled with acoustic drums, sound healing bowls, bells, shakers, flutes, and voices.  We dipped into the inner child and “played” music as oppose to analyzing it.  Since we improvised, we had moments of adjustment as we listened to the other players in the circle.  We would know when the energy came to us and we shifted it, by shifting rhythms, tempo or moving towards silence.

I’m reminded of Gabri220px-Klangschaleelle Roth’s 5 Rhythms dance which also involves following energy, shifting it and moving into a place of frenzy or stillness.  And for those of you who prefer dancing to drumming, I highly recommend the 5 Rhythms experience.  Google Gabrielle Roth and her books will pop up.

I personally believe that music and or sound vibration offers the final key and is the final frontier to shifting energy on this planet.  We all sense that Mother Earth is raising her vibration.  Climate Change is only one reality of this external and internal shift.  As we shift into higher frequencies, we see all the dirt of our lives forming dark clouds around us.  The best way to deal with the consequences of this shift is to listen to high frequency recordings produced by professionals in sound healing and psychoacoustics.

Joining a dance group (5 Rhythms or ecstatic dance), a drum circle or sound healing circle lifts your vibration.  But don’t expect to stay in that high place for long. As we allow higher frequencies to enter our bodies and spirits, these energies flush out lower vibrations such as fears, doubts, worries, hatred, intolerance and other darker emotions.  It’s as if we must clean out the closets before we can put anything new in them.  We weed the gardens before planting new seeds.

Don’t mistake the sound healing experience for bringing in darker elements.  The sound healing experience cleanses you of those elements by making you aware of their existence.  Keep doing the sound healing or dancing or yoga.  Cry the tears that come up, punch a pillow if that helps you or vent in a journal then shred the pages.  Spiritual denial is a horrible place to visit and yet, there are some people who chase after the high of spiritual practices and when the going gets tough, they head to the next workshop, thus scattering their energies.  While this works for a while, it leads to addiction.  The spiritual experiences has highs and lows; darkness and light.  When those challenges appear, face and deal with them.  Love and forgive yourself.

So the best way now to heal the planet is through spiritual awakening.  Since most of us have little experience in this area, acquiring tools such as sound healing bowls, bells, tuning forks and learning how to tone (voice) goes a long ways in healing us. As we heal, we heal the planet.  Not the other way around. While activism has it’s place, raising frequencies actually solves the problems we encounter.  We raise frequencies through prayer, meditation, dance, and music with healing intention.

For more information, visit my other blog Whole Music Experience.

Hopefully my book Whole Music (Soul Food for the Mind Body Spirit) will be available through a new publisher in the near future.  I’ll keep you posted.