Intuitive Coaching 101–Waking up Takes Effort

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Last night I experienced this dream where people dressed in dark pink and white struggled to open their eyes as they woke up in bed.  They opened their eyes, then shut their eyes while falling back to sleep.  This dream symbolizes the awakening process because some people struggle more than others in prying their eyes open and taking in the light.

True, awakening represents a process that for some people takes decades, for others years, and for others a night at a workshop.  For some people, awakening only happens when they hit bottom.  For others, awakening happens like a deep thaw as they slowly move out of denial.  Still others awaken by hanging out with people who vibrate at a high frequency such as a guru, abroad or at home.  For all of us, an awakening represents an individual process as we recall our life path.

However, recalling our life paths only launches our journey.  We still have to face our fears and muster the confidence to pursue our life paths.  Then the doubt gremlins show up in the form of skeptical people who remind us of the practicalities of life.  They tell us that manifesting dreams is the stuff of Disney movies and that we had better get real.  These people mean well, but don’t fall for their toxic traps.  These practical people or what the English musician Kate Bush refers to as “Heavy People,” sink us into their quicksand of bitterness and regrets.

This is where you meet the author who never succeeded so tells you that you won’t succeed either.  Get a day job he tells you because no one’s going to publish your book.  I’ve met authors like that and they are more hurtful than helpful.  Our dreams fly on fragile gossamer wings; they are like butterflies that take to the air better than hanging out on the ground.  I’m not suggesting that manifesting dreams doesn’t involve creating practical steps, otherwise known as a plan.  Make the plans and keep visualizing your success.  Part of an awakening means finding success on our life paths.

Photo taken in my 30s

Photo taken in my 30s by Liz Herlevi

Except, once we awaken, we no longer strive to achieve our dreams.  We do the necessary work then surrender.  We repeat this process as we detach and keep our minds and hearts on those things that make our hearts sing for joy.  We send off the resume, then take a walk in the park. We send of the proposal then go to a movie.  We plant proverbial seeds for our success while also planting seeds in an actual garden, noticing the symbolism.  Our souls love symbols.

So once that awakening process begins, stay vigilant to anything or anyone that knocks you back to sleep.  These people and circumstances are like poppies that cause us to fall deeply to sleep. While nightly rest rejuvenates us, spiritual sleep keeps us stuck in misery when our souls beg us to awaken.  And remember this, we all have the ability written upon us, to wake up spiritually.  It’s a myth that we must spend time traveling India studying at the feet of gurus to awaken or that we must be pure and holy to receive some kind of blessed awakening.  Even the drunk on the street can experience an epiphany that awakens him.

It doesn’t matter how many teachers we studied with or self-help books we have under our belts.  Like I said earlier, awakening happens in different ways because of our uniqueness. The point is, to recognize an awakening and to endure the process.  Once awakened you can have anything you want only nothing but your spiritual awakening actually matters.  You have completely detached from the material world living in it, but not taking of it.

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