Intuitive Coaching 101–3 Reasons to Bless Food

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

When I mention blessing food, many people probably have the image of a family saying grace around a full table.  But blessing food goes far beyond religion because when we bless food we raise the frequency of the entire planet and tell the Universe to bring us more.

It takes only a few moments to pray to the food you eat.  And I’m not talking the traditional prayer.  A simple “thank you” suffices or you can call on Spirit Beings to raise the frequency of the food and remove any toxins.  Also saying, “love” heals any lower vibrations attached to the food.  We have seen this raised frequency at work with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water blessing experiments (see video below).

First Reason to Bless Food:

As I mentioned earlier, we raise the vibration of the food.  Why is this important? Most food that arrives on our table, even if we grow it ourselves, contains some toxins.  The food might also contain toxic energy caused by emotions that surrounded the food.  Even food that has been placed in an atmosphere with mindless music playing in the background contains emotional and psychic toxins.  Yes, these frequencies are too subtle for the average person to notice, but consuming food with any type of toxins leads to health problems down the road.  So tell your food you love it and thank it.  Simple as that.  Do this when you’re preparing and cooking the food, do it before serving the food and do it after you have eaten the food so it digests smoothly.

Second Reason to Bless Food:

When we show gratitude for anything or focus upon it, we create more of that experience. So if we enjoy eating healthy food, then bless it so more shows up on your table.  This is how the Law of Attraction works, that we get what we focus upon in thoughts, words, beliefs and actions.  And gratitude is a powerful force that not only helps us to act more mindful around food, but opens our hearts to receiving more abundance.

So heal those food phobias and stop focusing on what you can’t eat and focus on what you can eat.  Don’t envy the person who eats gluten with no ill-effects or the baguette they’re stuffing to their mouth.  Instead find delicious recipes for gluten-free cooking and indulge yourself.

Third Reason to Bless Food:

When you bless food, you bless yourself and everything else.  Everything you send out, you also send to yourself.  So in this regard, blessing food represents an act of self-love.  When you love yourself, you love everyone and everything.  This radiates as healing for the planet.  Imagine that something as small as a quick blessing of food ripples out bringing harmony to others.

There’s this belief that we have to do something big in the world to make an impact.  We have to save the whales or get involved in political or spiritual leadership, but every small act makes an impact and for most of us, that’s enough.

On a final note, tell the water you drink that you love it.  As the earth faces water shortage problems, we can heal this situation by raising the frequency of water.  All water is connected always whether it’s in the ocean or in a glass. Water knows no separation and has greater consciousness then most people realize.  So bless the rain, bless the pond, bless the glass of water and so on.  Then watch enchantment show up in your life too.

Perhaps all of this sounds nonsensical to readers getting up to speed on New Thought.  I encourage you to read books by Sandra Anne Taylor, Masaru Emoto, Gregg Braden and Esther and Jerry Hicks for starters.  Your teachers, bless them, taught you what they knew at the time, but the information passed down to them was distorted over time to support those who enslave us to a system that doesn’t work for us.  I hope that you’ll open your minds and hearts so you can jump out of the proverbial box.  It’s the kindest thing you can do for the planet.

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