Intuitive Coaching 101–Think Magic

analog photo by Patricia Herlevi

analog photo by Patricia Herlevi

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For the sake of this post, let’s say that there are two kinds of people in the world–those who believe in magic and those who don’t.  I’m not talking witchy-poo love candles where we chant a phrase 3 times 7, though I wasted money on love and prosperity candles in the past wishing I had kept that money in the bank instead.

When we believe that life is magical, magic shows up in the form of odd coincidences, deja vu experiences, synchronicity and fun people to play with, which sometimes includes imaginative children.  When we believe that enchantment occurs at any age, we open ourselves up to cinematic-in-the-real experiences.  Just today I saw two young bucks (deer) while running errands.  I’ve seen great blue herons appear out of nowhere and I’m still hoping to see orbs that spiritual people mention on podcasts and in books.

As we grow older, we have less time for magical things as we grimly face the realities of our daily life.  So I’m going to invite you to try an exercise that I learned from reading one of Sonia Choquette’s books (I can’t remember the title).  Sonia teaches the “wonder if” game and it goes like this.  Instead of engaging in negative “what if” scenarios, do the opposite.  Tune into your heart and asks the question, “Wonder if…” For instance, I was roaming around downtown Bellingham around my birthday looking for inexpensive organic cotton socks.  I passed by a sock shop and instead of telling myself that the shop wouldn’t carry organic cotton socks, I played the wonder if game.  Not only did the shop carry organic socks, but they were on sale.

We can play this wonder if game when we search for employment, a new home, a mate, or anything else we desire to manifest in our lives.  Instead of jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, keep your mind and heart open by asking, “Wonder if this employer could use my skills and talents?” or “Wonder if I followed my intuition and ate at a specific cafe, I would meet my life partner?” And so on.

When I get down in the mouth, my mother says, “It never hurts to ask.”  And her alternative phrase, “There’s no harm in trying.”  She’s usually right.  Ranting and complaining about our life circumstances only lands us further in the dump.  The more we rant, the more we create negative reality.  And if we use the words “I am” in front of our rants or complaints, God help us.  As you already know, “I am” is the key that unlocks the gate or door to manifestation.  So stay away from using I am in front of detrimental phrases.

Walter_Crane19While I find that support groups help a lot of people initially, they can keep people stuck too.  Why? Because people identify with a problem so deeply that they create a life around that problem, if not a lifestyle. And they use dramatic or victim-related words which unfortunately, allows them to continue living a life as a victim. They grow defensive when a healer or teacher offers an alternative.  They claim that the healer doesn’t validate them.  However, a wise healer would never validate a stuck situation when they see the love glowing in a client’s heart and the healer chooses to foster that love and not promote fear.  Watch out for healers who validate disease and identify with it because they require healing for themselves.

In one of Cari Murphy’s free meditations on attracting wealth and removing blocks, the teacher tells her students to use words as a magic wand.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, words have power to create reality.  The good news is that if we don’t like the reality we’re creating with our words, we can change our language (metaphorically speaking).  Changing words transforms attitudes and beliefs.  Some words give us confidence while other words leave us feeling wounded.  And the worst part of that is our self-talk is often more wicked than the words of critical people.  In fact, the critical people in our lives, pick up from our vibe or frequency and just broadcast the same channel back to us!

When I write anything including novels, articles and posts, I consider my word use.  My mission revolves around empowering every reader whose eyes land on these posts.  Have you noticed the number of times I use words like “love,” “peace,” “joy,” and “power”?  You can chant any of those single words as a mantra and unfurl magical events in your life.  Sadly, people, including bloggers, use vulgar words  to show that they’re provocative, but in fact, they lower the vibration of anyone reading their blogs. I guess you could call that dark magic, even if it’s unintended or accidental magic.  And if it is magic that you seek, chant the word “magical” even quietly in your thoughts, and voila!

One final word to musicians, choose your words wisely because words combined with musical vibration can either heal others or cause great harm.  True, you might never witness the toxic effects of certain words, especially when shouted, but you’re still responsible for the energies you send out to the Universe and someone somewhere feels the effects.

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