Intuitive Coaching 101–Avoid New Age Manipulative Marketing

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I feel disappointed that I’m writing a post on manipulative marketing techniques of new age teachers and healers.  However, when brilliant teachers prey upon people suffering losses and illness, my inner warrior pulls out the sword of truth.

Recently, I joined another “free” online workshop series and live streams.  Having joined several “free” summits and workshops in the past, I was already aware of the info commercial atmosphere so prevalent these days.  What I didn’t expect was a spiritual teacher to place her listeners under a trance and then use several manipulative marketing strategies to get them to sign up for a $600 online course which included peer pressure, causing the listener to doubt their inner guidance and offering stories of people magically coming up with resources to take the 12-week course.  “Take that leap of faith and then the money will arrive…” Meaning, sign up for the course even if you have zero dollars in a checking account and a maxed out credit card.  Hello! People were falling for this.

170px-Jean_Dodal_Tarot_trump_01Granted, in the initial workshops and streams, the teacher offered powerful spiritual tools.  I reaped rewards from these tools and my respect for this teacher grew.  I started noticing changes occurring in my life on a subtle level, but that did not include more money arriving in my bank account.  I put up with the promotional aspects that came with the free tools and activations because at first they seemed natural to me.  But as the program continued, the intensity of promotion and marketing techniques reminded me of a PBS fund drive, except with a PBS fund drive, listeners are not put into a trance through activations and toning.  During the final live stream (which was more promotion than useful tools), I could no longer concentrate on the meditations because I felt bombarded by the marketing techniques, which seemed transparent to me.

So how can we reap benefits of “free” spiritual tools and activations without feeling manipulated by guilt and feelings of inadequacy?

Tune into radio shows on Hay House, Contact Radio, and Blog Talk Radio where you can listen to interviews with spiritual healers and teachers.  This is a good way to get a list of practitioners, books, DVDs and other resources.  These teachers also provide visualization and meditation exercises during their radio interviews and a few of them give activations to listeners.  Some radio show hosts give away online courses and books.

170px-Nicolas_Conver_Tarot_trump_07Avoid the promotional part of online summits and just listen to the main body of the interviews and exchanges.

Use the new tools you have received from summits, online courses and radio interviews for a few months and see how they play out in your life.  At this point, you might decide to pursue a session with one of these teachers or healers or take one of their online or DVD courses.  I call this test driving a teacher.  Also check out their books and videos (including videos on YouTube).

Finally, become our own spiritual authority.  Just like the teachers received their information from Divine or Spiritual sources, so can you through regular meditation.  In fact, the best tool available to you is learning how to meditate.

As I write this post, I’m listening to an interview with Dr. Dain Heer on Cari Murphy’s Contact Radio show and through serendipity, the guest just validated my views on access to spiritual tools and information.  His suggestion is to pray to the Universe for guidance to show up, then trusting that information when it arrives.  He introduces the Consciousness Access tools, which ironically are the same tools used by the spiritual teacher that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

As an astrologer and intuitive coach, I promised myself that I would not practice manipulative marketing techniques.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t promote my work to potential clients, but that I won’t hit anyone over the head and drag him or her into my office.  I won’t prey on people suffering from losses by luring them with promises of miraculous recoveries and millions of dollars showing up in their bank accounts.  Only God brings those miracles and it involves effort too on our behalves.