Intuitive Coaching 101–And darkness follows…

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I’m not divulging any secrets when I say that darkness follows light and the higher we vibe, the deeper we fall, until we make that final breakthrough of our evolution.  And even then, does the darkness ever go away?

As spiritual seekers, we’ve all been there.  We attend a workshop and the workshop presenter sends us up higher than a kite.  We even experience quick breakthroughs, feel a sense of Oneness and follow threads of synchronicity and then the other shoe lands.  Here comes darkness, my old friend.  Then one of two things happens.

First, we try to go back to the space we resided before we attended the workshop and we cling furiously to our old lives because better to stay in the discomfort of the familiar than to step into the void.  Or the second option, we muster the courage to face our inner demons which come up in the form of relationship breakups, job losses, and other challenges.  People often lament that life gets worst before it gets better.  It does.

We enter the paradox of walking a spiritual path alone, but seeking the help of teachers to guide us on the path.  On one hand, we actually walk the path alone.  We go through the birthing process (through the birth canal) alone and we pass into other realms when we die alone.  Not saying that others don’t lend support in the physical and spirit realms, but the experience is one of feeling alone like the hero on a quest.

And yet, we seek support from like-minded people and experienced teachers, if not masters.  These masters or teachers give us tools and encouragement, but we do the actual work.  No one can evolve for you.  No one can experience the Dark Night of the Soul for you and no one can heal your fears, except you.  Prayer helps. Meditation helps and following insights helps, acting as a flashlight to help us navigate the darkness.

analog photo by Patricia Herlevi

analog photo by Patricia Herlevi

When we reach one plateau, we rest for a bit until the next set of challenges present themselves.  We feel like we’re in a spiritual school and as we graduate from one level, we begin to master the next.  It’s okay at this time to celebrate successes, but don’t stay there.  To stay basking in a success leads to stagnation and then we feel stuck.  When we feel stuck, fear creeps in and we fall into the hole of darkness.

Anyone who has experienced the Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries Square in recent years had no choice but to answer the quest.  Losses came in many forms, but lead to a better life aligned with their souls’ destinies.  We hear these stories on a daily basis now when we tune into spiritual or even mundane radio shows. We see these stories in fiction and non-fiction and during phone conversations with friends.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

And even if we feel sad, this is not the time to lament, but to celebrate our growth.  Don’t wallow in feeling like a victim, but find the humor and wisdom in loss and challenges.  Imagine that there is a greater plan and that God is loving not fearful and vengeful like in those old Biblical stories.  Our story today isn’t even religious but quantum.  The story revolves around energy and multidimensional universes in which we actually decide our journey.  The thing is that we create this journey on the subconscious level so the ego and conscious mind rebel against our true soul paths.

But back to darkness, our old friend, (quoting Simon & Garfunkel), remember that darkness follows light, and challenges follow bliss, followed by more bliss when we learn a lesson.  We celebrate our victories because they required courage and confidence.  We flex our new muscles as we enter the turn of an age.  Step into the unknown.

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4 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–And darkness follows…

  1. I’ve been reading about first and second level initiations. In the first, we are opened up and start dealing with desire. The second one is even tougher as we face our emotions. The losses you point out with the square resonate with this for me.

    • Oh, yes, I know all about dealing with emotions. I experienced the Uranus-Pluto square to my AC, Sun, and now Mercury. It is a huge transformational experience that we aren’t able to avoid. Cardinal Sign Sun, Moon or AC with early to mid degrees will experience this square before it ends in 2015. People with later degrees for Cardinal Sign planets will experience the Uranus and Pluto transits, but not as a square.

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